I know my rights God says I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.  So I know I can assist people with there real estate needs.  At this moment it seems like things are not moving for me but I know things are moving and once I get a deal under my belt there will be no stopping.  T...
For those of you who have children how have they affected your life marriage especially?  Do you find it hard to have date nights or weekend getaways?  What age of the child was most challenging?  My wife and I plan on having kids soon and I'm just trying to get some point of views.
Ok what's the matter with you why are you talking that way?  What makes you behave the way you have all of your life?  Why are you bitter and think life has dealt you a bad hand?  Is it because you have chosen to be average?  Is it because someone told you that you were not good enough?  Is it be...
For the professional school is never out and they realize that you have to always work to get better.  The pro is always working on there game learning from what worked and what didn't work so they can become more efficient.  The pro's know who they are, what they are, and where they are going.  ...
What makes a good suit?  Is it thread count, the designer, or the price?  I'm not sure but I know I like suits with side vents and I like Sean John suits.  I really like when I can get a three piece as well.  Have not had on a $1000 or more suit yet but they don't seen to different than the $500 ...
Why live in South Carolina?  What makes this state your location of choice?  I like the weather, people, and cost of living.  What about S.C. does it for you?
I don't know about you but it would really cool to have student loan debt canceled.  I would practically be out of debt and would be able to do more.  I could travel, shop, invest in my business, start another business, and give.  Of course I do all these things now but would be able to do them m...
What are 7 benefit's that your agent can provide to make them a dream agent?   

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