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Landlords and property managers are often plagued with tenant problems. It’s not only stressful but can also cost a lot of time and money… there are numerous horror stories out there about these sorts of issues! Below are three of the most common problems landlords face and how to deal with them....
Maybe you’re a new real estate investor, or have just acquired a new property, or your property is far away from your home, or maybe… you’re one of those people who’s tired of all the work and the dilemmas that come with managing your property. We suggest it’s time you think of hiring a good qual...
As a landlord, you’d like to both maximize your profits and offer your tenants the best experience renting your property by ensuring they have a comfortable home. By renovating your rental property, you have a higher chance of getting both. This also keeps your property in line with the market an...
Some of the most frequently asked questions regarding construction projects are about when to Hire a Construction Manager.First of all, most would like to know what a construction manager is and what their role is. Many of the construction managers today are licensed engineers or architects or ma...

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