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A Real Estate Bubble Isn't Happening, and Here's Why Real estate is on fire.  It's no secret that home prices have gone up astronomically over the past 2+ years, and they continue to rise, in a phrase coined by crypto investors, "to the moon!".  This meteoric rise in prices has caused the phrase ...
Don't Quit Your Day Job (during the mortgage process) It happened.  I've always heard the stories.  I've seen it happen to other people.  And now it's happened to me.  We've had a complicated loan in process for the past couple months.  I'll spare too many details, but it's a unique property in a...
Recently Closed - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Condo Refinance Recently our team was fortunate enough to work with a customer we've worked with for years on various properties in various states.  One benefit of licensing in multiple states is that when a customer moves, considers investing outsid...
"Life finds a way" - Dr. Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum), Jurassic Park Want to see the fastest example of the theory of evolution at work in modern times?  Watch real estate agents adjust to a new market.  It doesn't take long for agents to adapt.  And good agents always adapt.  Buyer's market?  Sel...
Buying a House with Rising Rates - The Numbers Add Up!  $400,000 Home Price $350,000 mortgage at 3% $1,475/month principal + interest $400,000 Home Price $350,000 mortgage at 6% $2,098 principal + interest No one wants a 6% interest rate when they could have a 3% interest rate, but until a time m...

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