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3 Tech Tools That Aren't a Waste of Your Money In today's real estate industry, there's a high level of competition for your dollars.  Whether you're a lender, real estate agent, or other industry pro, there are dozens of companies competing for your bucks with promises to help your business, tak...
1 Week VS 3 Months  When do I lock in my interest rate?  That's a pretty frequently asked mortgage question, and comes up on just about every loan file we work with.  The truth of the mortgage industry is that most loan officers will feed customers the line that goes something like "If I had a cr...
My Craziest Transaction - A December Contest As a lender, I see a lot.  I see people's financials, their credit, inside their homes.  Over the years, there have been a lot of disturbing things - spouses with wild spending habits their partners knew nothing about.  Homes of hoarders.  Folks who ma...
Tis' the Season (For Increased Loan Limits)       Each year toward the end of the year, new year loan limits are announced for conventional and government loans.  While VA loans have had their caps removed (a huge benefit for VA borrowers!), FHA and conventional loans are capped each year based o...
Gratitude for Good Health This year was a tough one.  I made the most income I ever have, exceeded my professional profit goal of 10% improvement over last year, saw some amazing places, met some tremendous people, was able to make an impact on other's, and yet, it was a tough year.  Back in Marc...
Thankful for My Career      I'm a pretty lucky guy in a lot of ways, and I have a ton to be thankful for.  One thing that I'm continuously filled with gratitude about is my career.  I've been in the mortgage industry for over a decade (13+ years now!), and for many years it was a struggle.  I ent...
Help Give Back This Holiday Season I'm not the type to ask someone to do something I wouldn't do.  In work, in the gym, with their diet, sleep habits, or, in this case, donating to a cause bigger than themself. Last year, I asked for help to bring supplies to people effected by the Carr fire in n...
Fed Rate Cut       The fed has again cut rates - this time by .25%.  When a Fed rate cut occurs, there's generally a lot of confusion in the markets (and for good reason, they're complicated!), and often even within the real estate community. First, what is a Fed rate cut?  Well, it's a reduction...
Engaging with Video      You suck at video.  It's the truth.  If you haven't done it, you're going to be bad.  But your 2nd video will be about 20% better than your first.  And your 3rd will be about 20% better than your 2nd.  Eventually, you'll figure out your lighting, and start being OK with y...
How to Answer the Tough Questions  BLINK!  And the market's changed.  It happens all the time.  A market moves from hot, with homes selling in days, often for more than list price to ice cold, seemingly over night.  Price cuts take hold, days-on-market (DOM) increases and home owners and sellers ...

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