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I recently read a blog regarding negative statements that we, as sales people, say all the time but don’t realize what a negative effect it has when talking with prospects and clients and what they might be thinking when you utter these words…   “I can honestly say OR If I’m being honest with you...
This morning it has been announced the PMI will no longer be writting PMI policies effective today!  Any outstanding PMI commitments must be closed by September 16, 2011. That's the second mortgage insurance company to exit this month alone.  Is this a trend of the future?  Sounds like it is gear...
Have you ever had that buyer that paid cash for their home and had to wait 6 months to refinance it?  Well Fannie Mae has now come out with the Delayed Financing Exception.  You are now allowed a cash-out refinance within six months of a purchase transaction when NO Financing was used to purchase...
I received word this morning that the rumor is that Bank of America has stopped accepting high balance conforming loan amounts over $625,000 on Tuesday, July 12.  We are assuming that this is to ensure they are able to close all the loans over this amount no later then September 30, 2011 when the...
This is a great article by KCM Blog I wanted to share.  You can go directly to their website for this article by clicking here. Bringing the Sale Across the Finish Line by Ken H. Johnson on July 12, 2011 · 2 comments  Today, we are honored to have Dr. Ken H. Johnson, Ph.D. - Florida International...
  June 4th-5th is REALTOR® Nationwide Open House Weekend In recognition of this national event First Cal is holding an iPad Giveaway which you can offer at your open house this weekend*. Simply register your June 4th-5th open house with me via the email or phone listed below and I will provide yo...
Many of you that follow me know that I like to read a lot. I just joined a forum and in reading the articles within the forum I ran across this. I had not even a clue about what you're going to read. Stunned to say the least. How many people throughout my years in origination are in this situatio...

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