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I must sound like the most clueless person in the world when it comes to giving advice about a Last Will & Testament.  I have a good reason: I'm a Colorado notary -- not an attorney.  A notary may not give advice about a Last Will & Testament.  Or any kind of legal advice, for any kind of documen...
Of all the military bases in the Colorado Springs area, Fort Carson army base  is the most difficult to get onto. Difficult ... but not impossible. So if you're a notary signing agent / mobile notary, you don't need the skills of an Ethan Hunt or Jason Bourne in order to get past the guards.  You...
I always thought that Calhan, Colorado is located in El Paso county. It is. But it's also located in Elbert county.  That's what I discovered last week when I was assigned to do a closing in Calhan. One of the first things I do when I get a closing assignment is find out where the borrowers are l...
I notarized a lease agreement a few weeks ago. I made an entry of it in my notary journal and asked the signers to sign it. The person managing the transaction asked me if it was necessary to keep a journal.  I told him that Colorado law requires all notaries to keep a journal of notary acts that...
I just received a call from a signing service to do a loan modification. I asked the caller to give me the name of the company handling the loan modification, and if I needed to collect any money.  The caller gave me the name of the company, and said that I would be collecting a cashiers check. I...
One of the primary tools of a notary signing agent is a laser printer (and lots of paper).  It's how we get the loan documents printed for closings.  The method of delivering the documents may vary.  Most of the time they are sent to us as email attachments.  Sometimes we have to log in to a secu...
A notary signing agent asked a question on a message board this morning about Power of Attorney notarizations, and was chastised by several other notary signing agents for asking the question. They felt that the notary signing agent should have been able to answer the question on his or her own. ...
For the majority of the closings that I do there is a 3-day right to rescind.  Most borrowers welcome this opportunity to have a chance to review the documents, get answers to questions, resolve any problems, ... etc. However, not all borrowers want to wait 3 days. I hear it often. 'I've come thi...
Whenever I get a request to do a closing in Florissant, Colorado, I think of that saying: 'It's not just a job. It's an adventure.' For starters, Florissant, Colorado isn't actually a city.  You won't find paved streets with traffic lights.  There are no neighborhoods with rows of houses and kids...
I got a call yesterday from someone in Colorado Springs in need of a mobile notary to notarize a Lease Agreement.  When I arrived I asked to see the notary certificate on the document.  Instead of the usual notarial wording, all it had was the word 'NOTARY'. Apparently this was the place where th...

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