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Have you heard? Social media marketing is the new Word-of-Mouth in this digital age. Your competitors on Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Twitter, and Linked will thank you if you haven't yet leveraged the power of social media for your business. You probably already have a website, but the businesse...
Introducing the new Social Network Arizona business directory website. This is the only directory of it's kind to specifically list Arizona businesses while including a complete range of Social Media links and Google+ links. For Arizona businesses (and realtors) only, Head on over and add your li...
Why is experienced web design so important for you to be successful? It has a lot to do with packaging, which is one of the most important aspects of marketing. Packaging is the process of glamorizing your products or services in order to attract the customer’s attention. When there are hundreds ...
I recently had a need for a mobile internet solution that: Has a lot of bandwidth Is very easy to move around Supports a large number of simultaneous users connected at a time After searching around and asking around, I found some devices that allow me to turn virtually any 4G data modem or phone...
Take your business networking to the NEXT level. Social Network Arizona is a NEW platform, hosting powerful networking seminars. We make it EASY for you to generate more referrals, increase sales, and expand your local network! This face-to-face and social networking seminal will connect you dire...
Hey everyone, We have a lot of clients asking us some basic questions concerning Google+ such as how do I log in, how do I use it. Some clients have found themselves confused with how to use Google+ and get started. We have put together a video tutorial that walks a new user through the Google+ s...
June 27, 2011: We have confirmed the most recent Google Pagerank update today. If you're still uncertain as to what Pagerank is or how to check Pagerank on your websites, visit
Hey everyone. I've recently written a guide that explains the metrics behind Google page rankings, providing some analysis as to why certain pages rank higher than others in Google. I've also discussed the several different ways you can ethically begin to work towards raising the rankings of your...
I've had a lot of people asking me recently about the Google +1 button. Everyone seems to have a different question, from 'what is it' to 'how do I use it' to 'what does this mean for search'. I finally decided to take all of these quesitons and write up a Squidoo Lens attempting to answer most o...
my PC Techs, a leading valley IT / computer support firm, has recently created a new division to provide expert web design, SEO, online marketing and development services to the Phoenix area. Website here: seenBEST Web Design. Having been involved in the design and development of websites with in...

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