Being kind and not nasty does not cost a dime,  and makes everyone feel better!I know Id rather work TOGETHER  someone than work AGAINST them. Am a firm believer in SMILE, before you say anything ...and try to do this even when I am typing or texting.. ALWAYS re read your messages before send...
Please check out the walking tour of the home , courtesy of Innovative Realty Solutions Group , at 298 Hanging Moss Circle. This charming home is i...
We last left Syd , Jumping hurdles at  Winter Springs Hound Ground Park.. And have ventured into Volusia  County to Barkley Square in  Deland Fl. 1010 N Rigewood AveDeland Fl
In todays world, Many people no longer have a "landline"..  Have you suggested your buyers check to see thay have cell coverage in the homes they are previewing? Think you’ve found the perfect home? Think again. There are three little details which can turn an ideal house into the world’s most an...
  Sydney Roo is on the search… he’s  looking for fun- dog friendly places !   Being a Realtor, I hear all kinds of different reasons people want different neighborhoods, convenient to shopping, highways,schools,work etc… but recently realized that many of these people want to know about where the...
One of the most common suggestions Realtors give Home sellers is to "declutter/depersonalize". Some of the more common phrases used are:   "It will make the room look larger, " "Buyers want to envision their families there, not yours"    "With all the knick knacks and collectibles, it appears you...
Growing up, I dont remember a time when my Mother didnt have a jigsaw puzzle on a table in our home. I always thought it was normal to have a dining room or kitchen table covered in tiny pieces of cardboard! I can recall helping look for pieces of sky, or a cluster of trees , that looked like eac...
Let me preface that Im sure there are some that can do this, but know I am not one of them...... While I think Im a very "fair" person, I cannot imagine being able to juggle both sides of a Real Estate transaction and do the "BEST" for each side.. I only have ONE BEST, and the next best is just t...
In Florida , we have to be mindful of Curb Appeal year round , and today made me realize just how important these 3 words are..... MOW, WEED and MULCH,,,PLEASE ! Was showing a few homes to a buyer this afternoon and the second home we pulled up to , was in dire need of a mower, and the Flower/shr...
To paint or not to paint , that is the question. Whether selling your home, or if you have recently purchased, painting will probably be in your immediate future. It is the least expensive home improvement with the biggest wow factor. For sellers: you are not so much adding $$$ to your sales pric...

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