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I had a wonderful experience the other day that had very little to do with home staging, and EVERYTHING to do with doing business successfully. I have a home staging / organizing client.  I am helping a family to prepare their home for sale as well as getting them organized in the process. A larg...
OK, as a home stager, not to mention a real estate buyer, one of my biggest pet peeves is paint that needs to be touched up.I am in the process of looking for a new home in Saratoga Springs.  I recently viewed an absolutely beautiful home that had not been staged.  The owner had broiled salmon th...
One of the things that I have done of late for my clients is to help them out of the "my house has been on the market for ever and nobody has been brought through in two months" syndrome is to do what I call Stale Listing Staging.  Here's how it works:A client calls in either frustration or despe...
I cut myself in the kitchen last night with a paring knife.  Not a big deal (although my hand still throbs), but it made me think about a client experience that I had several years ago.  One that I don't think will ever leave me. Before I became a professional stager, I was a professional organiz...
I just had a fantastic experience staging a home for sale!Two weeks ago, I was called by a client who was in distress.  They needed to sell their home badly due to financial reverses, and were very anxious to have it on the market.  They had clutter galore, twenty years of detritis in the house, ...
I've worked with several home builders recently, and the experience has been beneficial for several reasons.  The first of which is cost.  My first builder client called me in because he had met with an interior designer to decorate a 1,200 square foot townhouse.  The interior designer quoted him...

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