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I have more than 20 years of residential real estate experience represnting sellers, purchasers and creative investors. My affiliation with several title companies and in house closers assure clients and realtors closing times when needed. I am often available after hours and on weekends. I offer fixed closing fees as well as hourly rates. My office can also accomodate spanish speaking clients. If you have any questions please contact us. We'd be happy to help.
Whether you plan to stay in your house or sell, lowering your tax assessment will save you money.      Home on the market?  Appeal your real estate taxes to:    •·        Save money at closing.  You will pay your share of 2010 real estate taxes at closing, which normally aren't paid until 2011.  ...
The 2010 real estate tax appeal services we offer are:· Evaluate the property and evidence for the maximum reduction · Submit evidence to township assessor and request a reduction· If necessary, appeal to the County Board of Review· Obtain the assessor's evidence and minimize its impact at hearin...
My office appeals real estate assessments at the county and state level. I fought to reduce the fair market values of my clients' properties by over $9.8 million dollars last year and won 94% of our tax appeal cases at the county level. If your assessment can be lowered, I know how to do it. Need...
  Are you reluctant to list a home if the Seller is delinquent on his mortgage or already in foreclosure?  I can help you with many of these transactions and you can help a seller headed to foreclosure avoid bankruptcy or foreclosure.    Buyers purchase a property with equity, often a great deal....
Short Sales   A short sale happens when property is sold for less than the Sellers owe on the property.  For property owners who can no longer keep up on their mortgage payments it is an alternative to bankruptcy or foreclosure.  A short sale works well with delinquent homeowners who have little ...
If you tried to appeal your real estate assessment in McHenry County and were not successful, you may need my help.  The deadline to appeal your assessment to the Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board is coming up.   My office appeals real estate assessments at the county and state level.  I fought ...
  SHORT SALE. Also known as "pre-foreclosure sale." This option gives the homeowner some time to be able to sell the property to try to avoid foreclosure. If a buyer is found, but the sale price agreed to will not pay the mortgage balance in full, some mortgage companies agree to accept less than...
CHAPTER 13 BANKRUPTCY . You may be able to keep your home if you file for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Protection. You must be able to afford the payments. In situations where you do not want to keep the home, the following alternatives may be available to you. These options will affect your credit rat...
  REAMORTIZATION. When a loan is reamortized, the delinquency is added to the loan balance in order to bring your payments up to date. This increases your loan amount and will also increase your monthly payments. The amount of the payment increase will not be as great if the life of your loan is ...
LOAN MODIFICATIONS You may be able to refinance the debt and/or extend the term of your mortgage loan with your mortgage company. Your mortgage company may agree to a loan modification if you have recovered from a financial problem and can afford the new payment amount. Such modifications can be...

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