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DO NOT PUT OFF READING THIS BLOG!  Rebekah Radice wrote an excellent blog on an "ailment" many of us suffer with - PROCRASTINATION!  I think you will enjoy and if you do suffer with this "ailment" this blog will help!  Also, Brian Tracey's book "Eat That Frog" is a great read.  I recently had a c...
This is Part 2 of "Having a Start Spangled Heart to Serve Those Who Serve".  In  honor of our military and Independence Day, I will be using the acronym H.E.A.R.T. in this and the next several blogs, to talk about having what it takes to  to serve those whose serve - H.E.A.R.T. We will start with...
I thought this blog post by Andrea Swiedler, was awesome!  I loved the analogy between "hand signals" and social media!  Sometimes we can just hang on to the "way things were"!Remember the good ole days when you could use hand signals if your brake lights or blinker when out? Try that now, let me...
A report issued Monday by the U.S. government showed core inflation rising 2.5 percent in the last 12 months for its biggest one-year gain since January 2010.  Everyday living is becoming expensive, it seems.  But there are some U.S. towns in which the cost of living remains affordable -- and dow...
I admit it – I’m a Patriot. I still place my hand over my heart when the National Anthem is played – I still get misty eyed when Lee Greenwood sings “God Bless the U.S.A.”. And so it was only natural that I would consider it on the greatest honors of my life to have the opportunity to serve the m...
      Here's some Monday Mortgage News that you can use for the week of June 27: Mortgage markets improved again last week on a revised economic outlook for the U.S. economy, and ongoing concerns about Greece and itssovereign debt. Conforming mortgage rates fell last week and now hover near the a...
Today. We. Are. Rich." was the quote I fell in love with as I read the prologue to Tim Sanders' new book by the same name - "Today We Are Rich"  as I was flying home from my company's annual meeting last week. The author tells of an incident from his youth when his grandmother, Billye, although f...
      I posted a blog last night "Three Secrets to a Fast and East VA Home Loan Experience!  (Part 5)     And then GUESS WHAT?!?!  Today I received a notification from AR that began:   "Your hyper-local post was featured..... "Congratulations! Your post titled "Three Secrets to a Fast and Easy VA...
  I believe that all of the “Three Secrets”  to a "Fast and Easy VA Home Loan experience"  involve KNOWLEDGE!  "Knowledge" can be defined in three slightly varying definitions: #1 - "Acquaintance with facts, truths, or principles, as from study or investigation"; #2 - "Familiarity with ...
  This is the continuing blog series, “Three Secrets to a Fast and Easy VA Home Loan Experience”. Last week, I shared the FIRST reason why it is critical for both the Realtor and the mortgage professional to know the process of a VA Home Loan at the BEGINNING of the process rather than in the mid...

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