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Always bringing you the newest Real Estate information for Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Fort Myers Beach, Estero, Bonita Beach, Bonita Springs and Naples. My passion is Real Estate and my clients know it. I will go the extra mile for you to make your Real Estate experience as easy and comfortable as possible.
 If you're getting a mortgage on a home, your lender will require an appraisal. This is performed by a licensed appraiser who evaluates your home and determines its value. Here is a guide to your home's appraisal terms. · Age: The actual age of your home is how long since your home has been built...
The extension of the homebuyer's tax credit, as well as the expansion to include upgrade homebuyers, has a lot of people looking for their dream home. Many are looking for that dream home in the listings for Cape Coral foreclosures. Why? The Law of Supply and DemandQuick marketing lesson: every m...
 With the ‘pop' of the housing bubble, many investors in Cape Coral real estate put a hold on expanding their portfolios. Risk, that four-letter word, was the topic of every conversation. However, smart investors know they can still buy real estate and make a profit. Short-term vs. Long-term Inv...
Whether for Cape Coral condos or single-family homes, For Sale by Owner (FSBO) sales aren't near as successful as those sold by real estate agents. In fact, by 2006, the average price for a FSBO home was at least $50,000 less than agent-run sales. Why is that? Are real estate agents just naturall...
Pay Attention to the Permits A lot of owners who have their homes for sale in Cape Coral are taking advantage of the remodeling sales going on around the nation.  From tools and building supplies to the remodeling agencies themselves, they're finding they can save money. Unfortunately, a lot of ...
You would never dream of inviting guests to your house without making certain preparations, so don't invite potential buyers without first making the necessary updates by preparing your home to sell. If you are like most sellers, you want to get as much as possible for your home and you want to d...
In addition to location and condition, the asking price of a home is at the top of the list of important considerations. When a potential buyer is looking for a property, they want to get the best possible value for their dollar. This doesn't mean that a home should be priced too low, but it does...
As the old saying goes, real estate is all about location, location, location.  But, there is a lot more to it than just plain geography when it comes to finding your perfect home.  There are a lot of things to consider during the search because, for most, a home is the most significant purchase ...
  It's in the news and has been for several months now; financial institutions may be holding back their inventory of foreclosures and national foreclosures.  Why on earth would they do that? For those of you who are wondering what would cause lenders to hold back on listing  foreclosures, here'...
"I'm sorry. I know I have a  home for sale, but I'm not available for questions and you can't see it. Please leave a message after the beep." No More Precious CommoditiesHouses are no longer the precious commodities they once were. A  home for sale is no longer a rare occurrence. This is the bigg...

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