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We all experience disappointments, fear, and worry, how we respond to these thoughts will determine their impact on our life. The best way to eliminate these negatives from our lives is to take action. Consistent activity leaves little room for negative thoughts. When a negative thought pops into...
Success always takes place in the framework of high expectation. We attract in life what we focus on with the expectation that it will become a reality. Create a massive vision for your life, your business and your relationships and focus on the good it will bring you. When a negative thought ent...
Increasing Profits in Uncertain Times! More than ever business owners and professionals are recognizing the value of having multiple streams of income. A plan B if you will. The problem is, there are so many ways to make money out there, that it boggles the mind. A confused mind does not take act...
What do you do daily to build your self-esteem and the self-esteem of your customers and associates? If you would like to see your business skyrocket, uplift, recognize or appreciate 3 to 5 people a day. You will be amazed at the good things that begin to happen in personal and business life. Ano...
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Ponder what miracles could happen if the spirit of giving that Christmas represents was a part of our daily plan of action. If we focused on how we could help the people we come into contact with every day, rather than what we are going to get. It's a univers...
As we approach a new here are six questions that can help you make 2010 your best year ever. Do you strive to be first class in everything you attempt? Doing so will take you to the heights of success. Do you always do more than you're supposed to do? If so you can have, be or do anything you wan...
According to William James: "The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated." Human relation psychology teaches that we all have the need to feel appreciated and valued. During this time of year, let us not forget that the most important gift we can give others cannot be p...
When you shoot for the moon, you have a great vision that can inspire you to action. Make today and every day, the day that you give each moment your best effort. Shoot for the moon and I will see you among the stars. Question: Are you aiming for your dreams or just what you think you can get? Do...
Being positive or being negative is very much a habit. We either look for the opportunity that every challenge brings and focus on their problems opportunity. Start today to examine your habitual thought patterns. Replace your negative habits of thought with positive ones by training your mind to...
In order to succeed at anything, you must believe that you can and will reach your goal. I am reminded that success comes in cans. According to Napoleon Hill: "What the mind of man can conceive and believe, he will achieve." The minute you truly believe is the moment that your dreams become real....

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