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No matter where you are in the Lifetime Home Cycle:first time buyer, investment or move up buyer, or ready for your FOREVER home, the LifetimeLender Team of Fairway Independent Mortgage is here to guide you every step of the way.
Colorado Springs is home to five military bases throughout our city. Obviously, being a VA loan expert is imperative for success here. Not only is it important for business reasons, but serving those how served us is a key component weaved throughout out company culture. I came to Fairway Indepen...
Remember when the Good Faith Estimate (GFE) and Truth In Lending (TIL) forms went away in October, 2015 to make it more “User Friendly”? The two forms were combined into one, called the Loan Estimate (LE).  Two forms, 1 page each, combined into one form, which became 3 pages.  (New math, maybe? 1...
We have all had a buyer break at least one of these 10 commandments when buying a home!Have you ever gone to a closing table and had the buyer's employer call the buyer out of the closing to tell him their job was being eliminated effective immediately? Yep! It happened!!
2017’s most Important Generational Home Buyer & Seller TrendsFor any home lender and real estate professional, understanding who is buying and why people buy are buying real estate in 2017, is of paramount importance. The only question is, what does the latest generational data from the National ...
The phrase "The American Dream of Homeownership" is what those of us in the real estate industry typically think of.  Yet according to Home Ownership rankings on Wikopedia, there are 40 countries that have a higher percentage of the population that are homeowners than those in America, reporting ...
We have a "flock" of wild turkeys out in our neighborhood (did you know if they are domesticated turkeys, they would be called a rafter or gang?) It started with a sighting of just one. We named it "Kevin". Kevin has been very busy over the last couple of years, because we now have about TWENTY!D...
According to the 2017 NAR Housing Trends Report, Millennials made up the largest group of buyers. Read more about those finding in Part 1, NAR's Housing Trends Report (Millennials).Here is a quick video of just some of the overall finding of the buyer demographics report, with more details of the...
As a start to the weekly Tuesday morning sales meeting, we always share a one liner. That happens right after the Pledge of Allegiance and then the "7 hug exchange". Our one liners aren't always real estate related, but this week it was: NEW APPRAISER GUIDELINES! ALL APPRAISERS MUST CARRY A WASP ...
I was looking through the 2017 Home Buyers and Sellers Generational trends Report released on March 7th, and found a couple of noteworthy stats to look at. And yes, the numbers are usually boring, so here's a video that highlights a couple, and might interest you enough to skim some of the other ...
Modular Homes, by definition, are homes assembled at the building site. In 1908 Sears, Roebuck and Company (sold under the name "Sears Modern Homes") released a "Speciality Catalog" that offered 22 home styles ranging in price from $650 to $2,500.00.  An entire home, including precut lumber, carv...

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