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I have completed a BPO ans I am not able to submit because "MLS" # is missing... thought it's there and I have double trippled checkec... if anyone had any advice or can help... please contact me!... thanks!
      According to Frisco Texas Police Department, beginning on March 1 the Frisco Police Department will begin to enforce a new city ordinance regulating residential and business burglar alarms. The Frisco City Council passed the new ordinance near the end of 2009, but enforcement of the new reg...
I currently have an alamode website.... I am wanting to add a third party IDX.... Does anyone have an alamode site and have worked with either iHomefinder or  Do you have any feedback on why you like one IDX provider vs another?    
I am totally new at this and I am finding getting started very hard!!! I have a list of 16k contacts and when I import it's only pulling 500 emails.... I so I thought I would work on creating the ecard and I can't do that either....what the heck is wrong with me..... if anyone is up and can help ...
a lot of use... specially the space bar and the enter key, I have all this greasy/oily looking keys that are driving me crazy!! I have cleaned with kclear (Apple store) and I have also used rubbing alcohol thinking that will break down what ever is on the keys....   
What does count as square footage in Colorado? I am from Texas and only living space is counted.... no garage, no closets.. Looking in the Fort Collins/Windsor area and I need clarification.   Thank you.  
If a property is on MLS as many syndications as possible and you are not getting any showings, then the property is over priced. If you are getting showings but no offers, its still over price. Don't let the seller make you feel it's a lack of marketing.... I recently paid for a $200 newspaper ad...
I currently have a custom website that I can't really edit... it is too costly, $400 a month and am not getting any leads from it. and I am considering getting a template website that I can edit on my of my top choices if the Alamode website... also looked into Realprosystems as well, b...
We are looking for cooler weather the upper 90's lower 100's is just too hot for us...and lots more trees!!! BIG trees...  We are looking into the Knoxville, TN all the way to Asheville NC... We are wanting to look for a lot with some acres.... prefer at least two acres. We are wanting to be  clo...
I do not do property management and I reluctantly agreed to do so for a past client..... there is so much to property management!!!.... and the clients/owners feels that i am have it easy.... since of course all I really do  is write them a check... frustrating.   thank you for letti...

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