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I walked into my dad's office and told him what the old man said.  I thought, there's no getting out of this, I might as well meet my maker.  My dad agreed to drive and we headed to Louisville.  The ride was less than 10 miles but it felt like a 1,000 mile journey.  We pulled up in front of an ol...
The next morning rolled around and I was at the auction site at 8 am, with no one else in sight.  I gave Mr. Bidder until 9 am to show before I called him back.  9 am rolled around and I called him once again.  He answered and before he could get a word in edge wise I started in on him.  In betwe...
  For as long as I can remember I've always been very fortunate to surround myself with good friends.  My earliest memories of structured friendship began in the third grade.  I met a kid sitting next to me on the very first day of class, his name was Ben Rodway.  To this day I consider Ben one o...
I have a very good friend by the name of Leonard "Bud" Roach who grew up with my mom and dad and is a very interesting person.  Bud has done it all, served his country in the Marines, ran his own business for 30+ years as an auto body man, world champion whole hog BBQ'r, been a good dad-grandfath...
If you've lived life for longer than 25+ years there's a good chance you've used these words..."Been there done that!"  Usually there's a great deal of influence on the last word, that.  It's been used so many times in so many different contexts...for example: Getting divorced is a whole lot hard...
I graduated from auction school 22 years ago tomorrow.  In one sense it seems like more than a lifetime ago, in another it might as well have been last month.  The ride to auction school was an unbelievable adventure, Auction School Journey, that I have written about in an earlier blog.  The one ...


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