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When I started Home Matters, home staging and redesign in 2004, it wasn’t like opening a dry cleaning operation or another franchise. I was starting a home staging business-a concept that didn’t yet exist in the terminology or the language of Real Estate in the Indianapolis area. I guess, I was a...
Note:  I wrote this blog several weeks ago, before the tragic death of Beverly Carter,  a Little Rock Arkansas Real Estate Agent.  Our team at Home Matters  would like to extend our deepest sympathies to Beverly's family and friends and dedicate this post to her memory.  This is a reminder to our...
  Once upon a time I received a call from a home seller who had done everything right. His agent had provided him with a list of “suggestions” to help his home sell quickly and after investing a considerable amount of time, money and elbow grease into these improvements, his home hadn’t received ...
Did you know that the average homebuyer assesses the potential of a property within the first six seconds of the walk through?             It’s a little like Real Estate speed dating when you stop and think about it. When someone buys a home, they are entering a long-term relationship and they do...
A few months ago I appeared on a local Radio show. I received the recording for it but understand that no one would want to sit and listen for 45 minutes so I opted to create several short video clips showcasing some of the best topics from the show. Today I'll showcase the topic of Real Estate P...
Home staging has a lot to do with love when it comes to buyers, sellers, and real estate; after all, the primary goal of what we do is to make a potential buyer fall in love with a home. Residential real estate, someone’s home, is usually the biggest purchase or investment that anyone will ever m...
Sparked by Sharon Tara's blog, I Disagree With His Agent And I Let The Seller Know, I decided that the discussion of making decisions for the sellers should be brought up. Too often I hear real estate professionals make the decision that this home is too inexpensive for home staging, or that it '...
Thanksgiving is only a few days away. We've started seeing more and more commericials and print advertisements selling all of the elements that make up a great Thanksgiving. If you look, you'll not only find delicious meals, but beautiful tablescapes, and small elements that make up the foundatio...
Recently I heard an agent say that they take the photos for their listing while their customers fill out the property disclosure form. Excuse me? Is this really the best time to take the BEST photos of the home to entire potential buyers to want to view and make an offer? No. Definitely not!  Ima...
You never get a second chance to make a first impression. These words are immortal. They are also very true. It's one of the reasons that staging from day one is so important. Both potential buyers and their agents may write off a property and even if you stage it later it may not be able to earn...

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