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Our local board president David Irish is quoted in his article found in yesterday's Ithaca Journal, commenting on the state of our real estate market and his outlook for 2010.  Good, to the point analysis.  It should be a good year - it's definitely off to a strong start.  For questions on our ar...
It's never been truer - in tough times, the strong survive, the tough get tougher, and perhaps those who are able to live with more financial discipline will emerge from the economic trials of 2009/2010 as the victors in the world of...romance!  In this article from Marketwatch, writer Amy Hoak o...
Not bad!  Tompkins county has seen a BIG increase in airport traffic, which is probably the largest growth statistic contained in this report, prepared by one of our local professors at Ithaca College.  This should be a telling year for local realtors, last year being one with a roughly 10% dip i...
Tompkins County, and Ithaca in particular, welcome NYS education professionals for the week coming up!  Winter break is a great time to take a short trip up this way, and there are a lot of great businesses participating in promotions that will sweeten the experience for those who do venture fort...
Darn!  I was a big fan of the Smart Monkey, especially when it came to their wonderful Italian donuts, freshly made in the morning and rolled in sugar!!  I didn't even know they had closed until this week when I overheard it from a friend.  So they will continue with some catering functions, but ...
The city of Ithaca is making moves on the commercial front, unlike many depressed towns and cities of our size.  We have a lot to be thankful for.  There are more than a couple things mentioned in the article cited in this post, that really get me going!  Just down the street from me on Clinton a...
Great Commercial Space, newly listed at 1514 Mecklenburg Rd., New York!
Tompkins County Action unveiled it's newest affordable housing units in the city of Ithaca last Thursday, to good reviews.  The structure is a refurbished duplex, outfitted with a 98% efficient heating system and solar panels on the roof.  Details can be found in the Ithaca Journal write-up on th...
If you are looking for bad news, HERE IT IS!  Taxes are up in Tompkins County, ranging from 0.4% in the town of Caroline, NY, to 4.6% in the town of Newfield, NY.  Today's Ithaca Journal offers details on where we are feeling it the worst, and why.  Those of us who live here know that our taxes a...
Hand helds are off to a raging battle since the debut of the Google Nexus One. makes the user experience real for you in a down-to earth and up-close look at each of the phones, side-by-side.  Get the low-down on the Google Nexus One technology and performance today, and see ho...

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