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Summer-summer has finally arrived on the great Pacific Northwest Coast.   Fondly called the "wet coast" by many, it felt like June-uary and then July-uary, until the past couple of days.   This is such a beautiful part of the world.  Summer is such a short season...important to catch it while you...
A rule of thumb, when making a change: do the new behaviour for 21 days.   Apparently, it takes that timeline to create a new habit.   Hmmm....In my area, the "stay home/social distance" government edicts occurred on March 12th.   First response: fear.   That usually brings out the Crab in  us......
Spring is erupting all around us.   It's a time that makes us restless, just like all the other animals encountering sun and light and warmth.   We want to get up and at it.   Stay home/social distance is still the mantra in my area.   So, yes, in my seaside region, we are all tied up at the dock...
So, the "Before" is the time pre-March 12th.   The "After" is somewhere ahead.   Is this the "Middle" yet?The "stay at home" and "social distance if you have to go out" edicts are still firmly in place in my region.    Groceries, pharmacies, self-serve gas, liquor stores, and building supply outl...
Change means we have to shift around our established thought patterns, have to let go of this idea that we are somehow in charge.   Pretty scary.   Letting go is not easy.   Easier to try to stuff the past into the future, while we are still mired in the present.  Change.   It will always force u...
Summer-summer sings a siren song at this time of year.   In the middle of summer, swimming and kayaking and sailing, it's impossible to believe that the earth will soon freeze and snow appear.  In the middle of winter, I simply do not believe that it will ever be possible to jump in the ocean by ...
Time to pay attention to Nature...and to remember to carry a camera.   Almost missed this huge eagle, enjoying the sun of very early Spring on the great Pacific Northwest Coast.   His view is Ganges Harbour, on Salt Spring Island, in the Canadian Southern Gulf Islands.   We think about the whales...
Been practicing your periphery vision? Exercising your editing function? Reading a little philosophy now and again? Raw data (even when speeded up) is not information. The Japanese concept of forest bathing might be a way to allow one to remember how to be oneself, in the midst of all the speedy...
Change is the theme of 2020 and it's being driven by technology. Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, speed of connectivity (yes, 5G), 3-D printers, online shopping, emoji conversations (bypassing need for language skills, as the icons are understood globally), death of privacy, reliance o...
January 6, 2020. The English tradition celebrates the 12 Days of Christmas...starting with decorating the Christmas Tree on December 24, Christmas Eve. Today is the 12th day, January 6, when the tree is taken down and the annual Christmas festival is over for another year. A special menu, often w...

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