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Buying an Auction, Short Sale or REO as Replacement Property TIME SENSITIVITY OF 1031 EXCHANGESTwo of the key requirements under section 1031 are highly time sensitive. 45 Day Identification PeriodAfter closing escrow on the Relinquished Property, the exchanger has 45 Days to Identify up to Three...
"What Differentiates Asset Preservation's Format"  STRUCTURING COMPLEX EXCHANGESA number of "Qualified Intermediary" companies offer improvement and reverse exchanges, but the structure varies from company to company. What differentiates Asset Preservation, Inc. from others?Quite simply, Asset Pr...
"INVESTORS CAN MEET MANY OBJECTIVES UNDER IRC §1031"Section 1031 tax deferred exchanges continue to increase in popularity as more investors nationwide discover the wide range of investment objectives that can be easily met through exchanging.I. PRESERVATION OF EQUITY  A properly structured excha...
Stocks Rise as Dollar Advances on Optimism About US EconomyIt's great to finish out the day with some upbeat optimistic news!!! The Associated Press reported that the Dow rose 190 points because investors viewed the rising dollar and falling oil prices as a positive sign for the economy. Click He...
DON'T GET KICKED BY THE UGLY BOOTSection 1031's purpose is to permit taxpayers to defer the capital gain on the sale of appreciated investment property as long as its rules are followed. One of the primary rules is that the sale property must be exchanged for property of like kind (held for produ...
Season Pass Sale ends today 4/30/08. These are incredible deals for the skier who skis as least five days a year.  Regular adult lift ticket prices have been $50 this season and they may go up next season.The Sale price Sierra Summit Season Passes for the 2008-2009 season are $249 for repeat seas...
Many investors want to know "How long do I need to hold onto property for it to qualify for 1031 treatment?" This is an area that the Treasury Regulations do not directly address. Instead, the focus is on the intent of the investor at the time of sale of the relinquished property and at the time ...
To Flip or Not To FlipThis post was inspired by a comment I made on JL's Blog post about flipping property as an investment strategy. As he pointed out many first time real estate investors are entering the market inspired by shows like "Flip This House." What a lot of these shows don't show is t...
Company Proposing TIC Arrangements As A Foreclosure AlternativeDees Stribling of Commercial Property News reported in his article "NetLease Q & A: New TIC Structures Proposed by Prudential Rand's Rand" that Greg Rand of Prudential Rand Realty in New York is currently exploring with his clients th...
"IT IS IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND THESE ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS"The improvement exchange is a powerful strategy that enables an investor to improve a replacement property. Although this provides tremendous flexibility and opens up a vast array of potential replacement property options, a couple of a...

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