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Very interesting commentary on this subject. History repeats itself. Buyers take heed.... House Prices Will Rise, Buy Now  
President Obama's proposed budget includes a provision to reduce the mortgage interest deduction.A reduction for those earning more than $250,000 will negatively impact the California housing market, further erode opportunities for homeownership in our state, and will contribute to further price ...
The cost of owning vs. renting has begun to swing in the direction of home ownership. After 2 yrs. of rapidhome depreciation, the cost of rental payments vs. after tax mortgage payments is favoring home ownership.Many are finding that they can pay less on a mortgage than what they would rent.   H...
Finally, a relief plan that offers some relief-it's a start! Here are some of the things that this bill would do: Provide a direct tax credit to any one who purchases any home! Amount of the tax credit would equal 10% of the purchase price or $15,000, whichever is less Purchases must be made with...
  I was listening to a radio show and an interesting point of view came up. As horrifying andunspeakable as the events of 911 were, these banker bozos may in the end be responsiblefor more destruction of the financial infrastucture and of lives in other ways, although we have yet to see the full ...
Welcome to my Blog: Real Dirt; Real Estate That Is! I'm no economics expert, but this looks like it ccould be another big plus or minusin the new year.What's a bad bank? The one under consideration at Treasury would buy frozen mortgage assets off the books of large and small commercial banks. Tha...
News that Barack Obama's mother-in-law, Marian Robinson, will be moving to the White House has focused fresh attention on multigenerational housing, an option that is gaining popularity as families look for safe, affordable housing for aging family members. The Obama choice is just one of an ever...

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