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I am so excited that I start my Leed Green Associate Exam Prep course tomorrow at Atlantic Cape Community College here in Atlantic County, NJ (they also have a campus in Cape May County, hence the name).  Before I decided to join the fascinating world of real estate in Ocean City, NJ and surround...
Since my last blog entry about the new Green 34th Street Playground in Ocean City and how great it is, I contacted the City of Ocean City to find out more about how green it is.  The playground was installed to replace an outdated playground made of pressure treated lumber that was in need of rep...
I can't believe I am saying that a day in the high 30s was nice, but it was.  The sky was blue, the sun was out and the boys wanted to go to the park (I am doing showings later, but had a chance to get out at lunch time).  So, we went to a park that was new this summer in Ocean City at 34th Stree...
I was watching Super WHY on PBS with my sons today and the story of the day was about Wyatt's (Super Why's) Mom getting mad at him for wasting water.  I had to laugh because I've totally been there and thought myself ridiculous for practically yelling at my then 2 year old for wasting water, like...
Don't forget that green is a color of the season this year while you are out doing your last minute shopping.  For those ordering online, kudos for saving the gas on traveling to the regional shopping areas.  Another way to go green is to skip the regional shopping areas that may not be so close ...
First, let me apologize about being so sporadic with my entries, but my 12 week old doesn't like to let me get too much work done, so I have to fit a lot of things into short amounts of time.  Second, my thought of the day is household hazardous waste.  I know - sounds scary, but most people real...
You may be wondering why this is a real estate blog, yet I haven't focused specifically on green building techniques.  Well, that is because if you are trying to help the environment, there are many things you can do that are not related directly to your home itself, but what you do in it, and my...
On this oh so indulgent day of the year, I tried to think of a green living tip that actually complements the indulgence.  As you or your children go Trick or Treating this year, why not use a reusable bag rather than a plastic Halloween decorated one that you will toss with the uneaten candy in ...
Today I attended the Dedication of the Ocean City, NJ Solar Project.  They "turned on the switch" to the alternative energy system that will provide the city with 17% of their electric needs.  It is one of the largest (if not the largest) municipal solar projects in the state of New Jersey and wa...
Hi!  Well, this is my first blog post.  I am looking forward to maintaining this blog about my real estate business and about something that may or may not always relate directly to my business - green living.  I read a lot and with my science background am always picking up on things that we can...

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