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All agents - use to list your green, energy efficient properties. $20 per month.
Want to learn more about green? Sure you do. Simple and intuitive too. Note: You can share the link, but NOT the content. Realtors, Enjoy your week! View The Green Glossary
Since 2007, we have seen the pattern. And Realtors have sent us testimonials too.  Buyers find the Agent. And so does Google. Curious ? Search now and see why. 
For those Agents who would like to get quick answers to those questions - try our Glossary.  
04/10/2014 is rolling out a new program on the site, where you can list now, and pay at close of escrow.
Everyone has had it happen to them....... Buyers looking online for an agent in the area of the United States where they are going to be relocating. is the exclusive national relocation resource for green homes listed for sale. Energy efficiency is now and always will be, a focal ...
Green is the emerging paradym shift in real estate. Proper education about all components within the green home is key to a successful real estate professional. Listed Green takes a pro-active approach toward increased education for the agent. Why? Because we're aware that knowledge about energy ...
Simply go to and select “Create” from the top menu.   I’m sure everyone will be interested in creating company profiles, if they haven’t already done so. Buyers and Sellers nationally use ListedGreen to locate RE professionals.   Endorsed by Al Medina, Director of NAR Green R...
Al Medina of NAR's Green REsource Council, recently endorsed a website dedicated exclusively to only green, energy efficient homes and developments. A green MLS. "Until your MLS system adopts searchable green fields, is a great way to market and search for homes with green feature...
We have recently seen evidence on ListedGreen, of Buyers looking to relocate themselves across the USA. There's proof that this increase is due to government incentives, but there's an added paradigm shift - these buyers are shopping green, energy efficient homes. That being said, we strongly sug...
07/07/2010 has recently noticed a flurry of Buyers looking to relocate long distance.  This is interesting information, because these indicators show that things may be turning around. But these Buyers have their eyes on green, energy efficient homes as well.  An interesting paradigm shift. 

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A National Relocation Resource For The Green Home
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All agents - use to list your green, energy efficient properties. $20 per month.