There is no question that recent gas prices have cut in to all of our earnings. As I write this blog, gas prices are at $3.64 per gallon. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This is an expense that none of us could have prepared for but, here we are. Wouldn't it be great if your client purchased the first house ...
As the Marketing Director for a web design and virtual tour company, I see a lot of different marketing techniques and tools. When we first started Listing Solutions, Inc. we were primarily focused on providing virtual tours and custom web sites. Our business model has changed several times since...
I have been in sales for all of my adult life. The funny thing about sales is, the more things change... the more things stay the same. For example, my main goal is to differentiate myself from other web design and virtual tour companies. I feel like we do a pretty good job of this. The real ques...
I have a colleague who sent me some information on a company named rssHugger. I followed her advice and checked out the site. It seems like a really good way to increase your internet presence. The site is very easy to read and has some good information about what their ideas and goals are. I sig...
I am the Marketing Director for a virtual tour company in St. Augustine, Florida. Recently I have had several clients ask me about elevated photography. I started researching this field and found that there are a lot of different techniques used to accomplish this. There seems to be a lot of dema...
I am the Marketing Director for a virtual tour company in St. Augustine, Florida called Listing Solutions. I received a referral from a business partner last week. We have a deal worked out where he puts me in front of his clients, which are mostly Realtors. I met the Realtor at the location to t...
It is no secret that we are in a tough market. Everyone can pick up a newspaper or tune in to their favorite news channel and get the gruesome details. This is a great opportunity for virtual tour providers. Why? Have you checked into local newspaper advertising lately? I am in a small market and...

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