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"I saw it with my own eyes!" How often have you said that as a defense for a statement you just made? No so fast, though. Study the art below for an example of that very concept:   Now that you've had a look at it, what if I tell you that the blocks marked A and B are actually the very same shade...
I always saved one breadstick for her. We saved pizza crusts for her. We had to be careful to step over her any time we walked down the hall in darkness, because she loved to sleep where she could watch all three bedrooms all night long. For the last few years, whenever I got up to go to the bath...
So you are new to real estate sales and don't know what to say? You end up answering the buyer's question, giving them your name and number (you know that they probably didn't write it down or that your card will hit the first trash can), and hoping against hope that they will call back and ask f...
I've had so many health challenges in the last two years that any kind of cold really is a threat. My tips are preventative in nature: Get pneumonia and flu shots. I also managed to work in a shingles shot last year. Avoid eating at buffets...and if you must, take your own fork and spoon to get ...
Gilda Racelis' blog Did you just say saleswoman conjured up memories of my first week in contract sales. Before real estate, I had two other careers, teaching and then contract sales. While I agree that real estate is much more than sales, I will also say that any sales professional does all of ...
Why I Love Real Estate By John and Linda England “Land is the only thing in the world that amounts to anything, …the only thing in the world that lasts…. ‘Tis the only thing worth working for, worth fighting for –worth dying for”. “And to anyone with a drop of Irish blood in them the land they l...
It is always A Really Big Deal when a transaction finally closes. Just as some students do when I look back over 20 years of teaching, some homes and their owners stand head and shoulders above the rest when I look back over the years in real estate. The Really Big Deal (or really little deal) bl...
Margaret Rome's A Very Special Private Email, in which 132 people were included in the TO: section, reminded me of a visit with Shirley, a retired teacher we have known for many years. Just yesterday, I was talking to Shirley. She is a brave soul who serves her former school by being a substitut...
We all have opinions that evolve during our journey through life. As we evolve, though, we have ample opportunity to spread misery. I am Pro Life personally, for instance, but I do not want to go back to pre-abortion days when women were mutilating themselves. I want rape victims to be able to se...
Friday is one of those days when the clock and calendar will align to create consecutive numbers just after 9:10 am. It will be 9:10:11 on 12/13. I'm not much into numbers and such, but I do admit to watching the odometer on my car for consecutive numbers and repeating numbers. I really hate it w...

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