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Liz Spear Team Transaction Alliance Warren County Ohio Residential home sales Serving the Cincinnati to Dayton area, both home sellers and home buyers. Niche specialty in lifestyle/patio homes in addition to general residential real estate.



Nothing is impossible for the man who does not have to do it himself.It's a saying from decades ago in my life, a little sign hanging in the office of one of my Navy department heads.  While it might not be totally phrased to modern day preferences, the core concept is still true:  it's easy to b...
It's natural to want some validation.  You spent time writing your post, now you want to know that people actually read your post, and what better way to have proof than a comment???If you're new to the community, you'll find many members fall into one of several groups:1.  The Reciprocators.  Yo...
Some of our cats love to chase laser dots.  Shine the red dot and they can't help it, they've got to try and catch it!In some ways, there's not a lot of difference between industry and our cats.  Put something bright and shiny out there and some of us will chase it.  There's a lot of wealth being...
Now that I've got your attention...Depending on your viewpoint, blogging might be a totally optional activity, or a sign of the Apocalypse if you DON'T make a post, or somewhere in between.How much blogging is enough?How much is too much?How much is just right?It's a question for Goldilocks.The a...

Liz and Bill Spear

Transaction Alliance Cincinnati & Dayton suburbs
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REALTORS(R). Serving Warren County Ohio and adjacent areas from Cincinnati to south Dayton. Observing and reporting on real estate and related topics to help your quality of life! And if you're asking where is Warren County Ohio? We fill the space between Cincinnati and Dayton. Perfect for enjoying the bigger cities without living in them. Places like Mason, Lebanon, Springboro, Waynesville, Franklin and more. Plus lots of rural properties available too. We work with both residential home buyers and sellers and have extensive knowledge of low maintenance living options (patio homes, condos, etc.).