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Liz Spear Team RE/MAX Elite Warren County Ohio Residential home sales Serving the Cincinnati to Dayton area, both home sellers and home buyers. Niche specialty in lifestyle/patio homes in addition to general residential real estate.
COVID-19's effects can be felt with decreasing inventory and fewer buyers actively looking.  The February stats in this report predate most of the local reaction to COVID-19.  We do expect a slow down as a reaction to the precautions in place.          Stick with us for the details right after th...
No, not for THAT!!  I'm an engineer of the mechanical variety, not the right kind of training to figure out the intricacies of a virus.Nope, I've got an antidote for some of the stir craziness that comes with rarely leaving the home and also something to counteract some of the ugliness on Faceboo...
Back in my Navy days we had a saying: "Semper Gumby!".  Perhaps a play on the Marine Corps saying of "Semper Fi" (which was short for Semper Fidelis), "Always Faithful".So you can probably put two and two together to get that Semper is Latin for Always.And unless you're of a certain age you might...
In an hour Governor DeWine's Shelter In Place order goes into effect for Ohio.  This order puts a restriction on what businesses can and can't be open and currently lasts through April 6th.Bottom line, it's an effort to get people to STAY HOME.  Flatten the curve.  Diminish the spread.  You've he...
Ohio, just like much of the U.S., has been in a fluid environment the last few weeks thanks to COVID-19.  Where possible, "work from home" has become the mantra.Social distancing has been requested, and obviously some have been taking it more seriously than others.So the next step?  Governor DeWi...
You've heard the buzz.  COVID-19 is coming.  Or it's already here.  It's going to be REALLY bad.  Or maybe it's overblown.So maybe it's time for you to do some thinking.Should you take your home off the market until this COVID-19 thing is over?It's not a question I can directly answer for you, bu...
Whether you're buying a home during a pandemic or not, there are always fundamental factors to consider.  Is the home the best fit for your needs?Is the neighborhood a good one?Schools?Stability?You're making a decision in a fairly stable environment and your real estate agent can help answer the...
We're in uncertain times thanks to corona.  This report covers a time frame prior to much of the news concerning the virus, schools closing, businesses closing, etc.  Mason Ohio would normally be considered a safer place than usual for buying a home that will hold value, so that's part of the goo...
We live in interesting times thanks to corona.  We're working on information that predates the concerns and the store shelves barren of TP.  If I had to pick one category that may have more immunity to market influences than others, it would be Mason Ohio condos.  There's a demand for affordable ...
ActiveRain is meant to be a social community.If you think it's about SEO for your posts, well perhaps it used to be, but that's back in the day when ActiveRain management was willing to commit the resources to optimize the site.  For the last several years, it's been fairly obvious that ActiveRai...

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