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Liz Spear Team RE/MAX Elite Warren County Ohio Residential home sales Serving the Cincinnati to Dayton area, both home sellers and home buyers. Niche specialty in lifestyle/patio homes in addition to general residential real estate.
Determining how long it will take to sell a home is a little science and a little art and sometimes, a lot of uncertainty.The more unique a home is, the more challenging it can be to determine how long it will take to sell.Step into a neighborhood of like homes with frequent sales and it's fairly...
Niche blogging can be VERY powerful stuff.Choose a good niche and execute your strategy and you can be THE agent people find and hire.It's the difference between being a "generic" agent and someone perceived as a must-have specialist.But, niches come with risks.When you're identifying a niche the...
I open doors.I close doors.I actually do a LOT more than that, but those doors, they're a big part of what I do.Not so much physically, but mentally.Part of my role when working with buyers is to guide them through the process.If they trust me fully after I've listened to all their needs, I can s...
First, don't see RE/MAX associated with us and think we're Big Business.  While our brokerage is a big name, Liz and me?  We're independent contractors who pay to be affiliated with the brand name.  We're definitely a small business, working hard to take care of our clients.  You hire us, you get...
A large part of our real estate business is associated with low maintenance homes.  Patio homes, condos and a host of other names for homes that give you more time for living your life and less time taking care of the outside of the home and the yard.And because low maintenance homes represent a ...
In Ohio closings are typically a gather 'round the table type event.  Title company, buyers, sellers, their agents and sometimes even the loan officer.  Now the first three parties are the truly essential.  If they don't sign the appropriate documents and transfer the necessary funds, the home is...
Once upon a time 2020 looked like it was going to be a great year for our real estate business.  And then along came this virtually invisible little bug that turned things sideways.By itself, the novel coronarivrus might not have caused the impact it has, but the ripple effect is in full play.For...
Fischer Homes' Monroe Meadows paired patio home community is making progress!We popped by today during a freezing rain/snow flurry and where before there was just a meadow, now there's scraped earth.  The outline of the street, the curbs and some lot stakes are up.There have been some release del...
Thanks to shelter-in-place requirements and a bit of a slow-down in the local real estate market, I've had some extra time to address some home projects.  Among them is replacing a sillcock (outdoor faucet) with stripped hose connection threads.The project is fairly easy thanks to an unfinished b...
While some areas of Warren County appear to not be impacted by coronavirus containment efforts, Maineville home sales appear to be slowed compared to normal.  Still good overall, but NOT as good as typical for the time of year. Stick with us for the details right after the stats section further d...

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