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Hi Homeowners, Recently I have noticed many posts on forums and blogs regarding loan modifications. Alot of this information guides distressed borrowers to seek help from HOPE. There are many organizations out there with the HOPE acronym in their titles. The most popular one is 995 HOPE. Keep in ...
Ben Franklin, one of our esteemed forefathers, was famous in his time for a few things.  One of those things was using a simple "balance sheet" as a decision making tool.    He'd draw a vertical line down the middle of a sheet of paper and write the "pros" of the decision on one side, and the "co...
Recently there have been warnings by many in the government and the media regardiing the services of loan modification companies. I for one agree that the newest mortgage meltdown crisis has given way to a new group of would be predators. But I differ greatly on how to handle this problem. It is ...
It's time to put the squeeze on the banks whove taken TAARP money and still want to sock it to the homeowners in distress. The government sold us a bill of good when they told us the $750 billion dollar bailout was to help the toxic mortgage crisis. Now the lenders who took the government money e...
Modifying a loan may not help... from a Seattle Times article By Alan J. Heavens Article excerpt: As lawmakers and housing advocates push the federal government to help cut the foreclosure rate, Comptroller of the Currency John Dugan offers this sobering statistic: More than half of loans modifie...
I am curious about the "real motives" of some bloggers out there in cyber space. The information to follow has raised my suspicions. I have been following a BLOG called the Rainy City Guide for a while now and have become a frequent commenter. Recently because of a difference in views my posts ha...
Writing a Qualified Written Request  Under RESPA section 6 any servicing complaints or issues addressed to your lender / servicer must be addressed and resolved within a certain time frame.Those time frames can be found on the HUD site here: HUD RESPAAn at risk borrower should always utilize this...
DON'T TAKE YOUR LENDERS 1st OFFER  If you are behind on your mortgage your bank might call and try to discuss your situation with you. If after an analysis of your finances, they feel that you will be able to make your payments in the future they are going to offer you a short term payment plan d...
Hope Now or is it a Scam? One need only review the cast of characters below to get some insight into who is behind the "free" help out there'It appears that the same banks and lenders that put you in the toxic loan that has caused you problems, are now posing as Hope Now "do gooders" by giving mi...

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