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As of 2016, Susan is no longer practicing in the USA and retains this blog as a service. Clients may call or email for a professional realtor or lender referral in Whatcom and San Juans counties
Energy Efficient Mortgages Some enterprising banks are wrapping their loans with bright green ribbons to meet the hot new sustainable design trend. Don't fall for the greenwash. All loans, lenders and so called 'green products and builders' are not created equally. Custom Construction Mortgages f...
Green Design: My Glide Home article generated some interest among rainsters, so I'll expand a little on the green quotient from a design and financial perspective. Since I studied architecture early in my career, better design and resource efficiency is of great personal interest to me. You can i...
Online Mortgage Shopping Impacts Your FICO ScoresIf you've considered checking out an online mortgage site: think again. What the nice telemarketers and computers who take your application don't tell you is that their network may comprise multiple agents. Each may pull your credit report (separat...
Manufactured and Modular Homes have come long way, baby!History LessonA Mobile Home park in the early 50's was probably a lot of fun compared to previous sub-standard housing offered to farm and factory workers. These mass produced affordable homes were a fact of life where I grew up. They meant ...
Protect Your Privacy and Your Credit These days, when you discuss discuss your financial situation with a broker or banker and they pull a credit report you are opening the door to identity theft! A neat loophole in the Federal Trade commission has created new ways for consumers to be sold down r...
Ever Swing a Hammer? Smart contrarians swing against trends. Given our housing market has turned, it's actually a fantastic time to build your own custom home. If you are bound and determined to build spec (not a great idea if you ask me) it would behoove you to build homes that are better design...
Make 2008 the year you get in top credit form! 4 Point Plan to Credit Wellness:Most people think if they not have claimed bankruptcy or bounced checks then all is well in credit land. Unfortunately, it's not that simple. If you have let your payment schedules slip or allowed your credit account b...
Loan originators have more than a full bag of tools on offer to illuminate the lending process and compete effectively with our esteemed competitors. Thank goodness we have this incentive to get better! By using the tools, we become better advisors and can demonstrate our knowledge and willingnes...
Opportunity knocks: Sales prices have come closer in line to what people can actually afford to that golden moment when rates are still in the single digits. Ah summer--the smell of new mown grass and strawberry shortcake! In the Pacific NW are thinking pink about our economy ...both as ...
In recent weeks, we have seen so much rate volatility that it's hard to keep up! We find our underwriters nervously reviewing appraisals with an eye toward inflation and a downturn-- but in Washington State, things are much rosier. I get a lot of calls from California lenders wanting our loans!Go...

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