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As of 2016, Susan is no longer practicing in the USA and retains this blog as a service. Clients may call or email for a professional realtor or lender referral in Whatcom and San Juans counties
2nd Loan Mod rumors have been around for some time. Who knew? My colleague has handled a few in the course of modifying combined loans. With different lenders it's not exactly a picinic. Officially, this Directive to modify 2nd Liens was issued in August 2009, but not adopted by any banks until J...
IS THIS GOOD NEWS? H.A.R.P., The Home Affordable Refinance Program and H.A.M.P., the Home Affordable Modification Program are working hard to earn trust from distressed homeowners. Or so they say. Fortunately, the Stimulus funds for HARP will be extended at least until June 2011. HAMP has been wo...
Local impostors are claiming to be appraisers to gain entry to distressed homes.We have heard from distressed homeowners who, after having the Notice of Default letters taped to their door, (pre-foreclosure) had unannounced individuals arriving at their door with cameras saying they are the appra...
Fact: Less than 7% of the homeowners who entered Trial Modification Periods for the Housing Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) in some form have succeeded to date: This news has spurred updates on the government site: www.makinghomeaffordabl...
We talk a lot about educating our clients about their options and best choices in making real estate decisions. But who among us knows it all? More to the point, who among us is adequately keeping up with all the changes in our industry these last three years? Evolve or die! The basic Darwinian p...
More importantly, how do you find out? If you need to contact your lender about potential loan modification based on genuine hardship or disaster relief grounds, you have several starting points. You may be surprised to learn that find out exactly who owns your mortgage is not something your lend...
Define 'modified'! $111 Billion in your Stimulus funds has gone to the Humongous Banks. Recently the $400 Billion cap was lifted. Our Major Banks now have an open ended blank check to draw upon! Now get this: The HAMP and MHA guidelines apply primarily to Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae loans. Less th...
My congressional representatives are home and hosed after a few late nights voting on the latest version of the Healthcare Bill. Good for them. We pay them to sweat the details of the thousands of pages of legalese they have before them that will affect us all when they become law. I implore ever...
Congratulations! You bought your first home and you are filing for your tax credit. NOT SO FAST! The IRS has not released the full guidelines yet. If you file now your application may go nowhere slowly. First Time and Move Up Buyers are advised to wait until the the IRS publishes its updated Form...
If you have any doubts what is happening to our country, click this freaky visual map and watch the county by county disease creeping across America as more than 31 million people are progressively laid off. And these are on...

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