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As of 2016, Susan is no longer practicing in the USA and retains this blog as a service. Clients may call or email for a professional realtor or lender referral in Whatcom and San Juans counties
WOW...were locking between 4.75% - 5.0% this week for our best 80% LTV, 30 year fixed terms for perfect and I mean perfect applicants. So many caveats exist on your final loan offer that it is literally impossible to quote a 'rate' until we have reviewed your equity position, the kind of property...
Here's a sad expose about a Loan Officer recently convicted for mortgage fraud in Seattle. The only problem is that this article, while well illustrated on the front page of the Seattle Times, is that it leaves some doubt as to just who this crook represented (besides himself). He is apparently n...
I was blown away on Thursday by a sudden and unexpected spotlight! You may have caught my blog about Bill Cara' top financial blog: Cara published my letter on the state of mortgage brokering, spurring an open debate among his many followers in over 30 countries, to, in his...
OBAMA Rescue Plan Thread: I recently shared my observations on the state of mortgage brokering with Bill Cara, a top commentator on the global banking and financial system. Bill published my thoughts and a discussion thread ensued to raise awareness in this circle of influlence: http://caracommu...
WHICH BOATS? Good news hit the airwaves today about the Stimulus Bill in regards to Distressed Homeowners. SO--What exactly does the term 'assistance for homeowners' mean? I can tell you that is one very long piece of string. The promise of homeowner assistance boils down to helping folks who may...
RURAL CONDOS?  It recently dawned on me that the very folks seeking affordable housing in our tri county area would be best served by our USRDA Rural program. This 102% (yes 102%) government subsidized loan program is designed for buyers who have not owned in the last 3 years, who can document su...
Condominiums seem to be suffering a lack of investor interest to say the least these days! I know several of owner/developers who have done the right thing by their prospective buyers by building new or sensitively converting older buildings into very solid investments for first time owners and i...
VETS: Coming home to our economy in such a state --they deserve all the help we can offer! Considering so many veterans are re-entering the workforce at once, they may need help settling back into life at home. In many cases, their former jobs may no longer exist! Hopefully the VA centers are abl...
          As of March 1st,  Fannie Mae is changing the maximum number of mortgaged properties allowed per borrower from four properties (reduced in 2008) back UP to ten properties  Obviously this will help restore the ability of investors to get conventional mortgages in this market. Many local ...
  DON'T FALL FOR THE FED PR: Strike While The Rates are HOT! Last week, the Fed kept the Fed Funds Rate steady at 0 - .25%, the lowest range ever and this was no surprise.  However, they did offer some interesting thoughts, with their statement indicating that they anticipate "economic condition...

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