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As of 2016, Susan is no longer practicing in the USA and retains this blog as a service. Clients may call or email for a professional realtor or lender referral in Whatcom and San Juans counties
       WASHINGTON STATE has many many veterans returning home and several military installations with active duty officers and staff living in our area. I stumbled into the VA program a couple of years back when a borrower who had some credit issues happened to mention he was a veteran. 100% PUR...
       EFFICIENCY REALLY PAYS YOU BACK! In January 2009, Congress extended solar and alternative energy tax credits to take a bite out of the bill of upgrading your home energy systems. Since when is solar considered 'alternative'? Isn't the sun our main method of heating the earth? Even primiti...
       We have quite a lot of green action up here the the 4th corner. Something about all this clean air and rain maybe. I meet people who lived polluted urban lives who have come here in search of something you can feel when you look at Mount Baker's snow covered peak on a sunny day. It's fres...
So you think you want to work in Commercial Real Estate? Heard the glory stories about whopping commissions and up front fees? That commercial is thriving while residential falters? I'm here to tell you it's no place for the faint of heart or lazy of behind. WORK IN PROGRESS: I happen to have a f...
      susan templetonmortgage planner Earlier I Raised: What (or more accurately) WHO Determines Fair Market Value? (appraisers vs. auto valuations vs. bank reviews. We have a lot of theories on accurately matching up the person who will pay a given price. Kinda like describing the love of your ...
    susan templetonmortgage planner Very Little! You may love a property and be willing to pay more than it is worth but your lender will now have more of a say. We have a new game in town called the Lender Authorized Appraisal, arriving on May 1, 2009 compliments of Fannie Mae. This means conve...
    susan templetonmortgage planner It was my turn: My lender downgraded a perfect appraisal based on their computerized valuation system that declared the property to be in a 'declining market'. I hit the ceiling. What does that mean, exactly? Are underwriters just looking for excuses to say no...
First Time Homebuyers Take HEART and Reap $7500! If you have not owned a primary residence in the last 3 years (including both borrowers) on! Check the FAQ online: Tax Incentive to Buy before July 1: The Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008 aut...
Today was a great day in America! As predicted, lenders of conventional mortgages raised rates from .25 to .5% since last week with our new found enthusiasm. Expect a 60 day wait and see honeymoon period with the new Obama administration. According to watchers of global markets, we still have who...
    susan templetonmortgage planner I just lost a client to a broker who promised 4.5% BUT they couldn't lock until underwriting approved their application (including appraisal) in 15 days. The client fell for it. OH WELL! So what's an honest 'I can lock your rate on that price today if you comm...

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