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What a thrill ride my first week on Active Rain has been...a full range of ups and downs. First let me get my confession out of the way so I can clear my head space...then I'll share a valuable lesson I've learned in my first week on Active Rain. To anyone who actually clicked on my 4th post (4 S...
  Lately, do you feel as though the entire system universe is working against you and your business? Today's paradigm shift has been triggered by many factors; government, a shift in public policy, environmental concerns, global economic crisis...and what a whopper this one is! What's the bottom ...
People on Active Rain have been so generous and gracious with me as I develop this brand new skill (to me) called "Blogging". To express my gratitude I thought I'd share my experience of what I've learned about you and who you've been for me these past few days...   The 10 most admirable characte...
Wow!  It really takes something to overcome fears of technology and navigate volumes of information to create a first Blog. I spent hours signing up, creating a profile and my first post two days ago. The post was  similar to this one except I lost it 30 seconds before hitting post (I could have ...


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Business is a vehicle to fulfill on whatever matters to you in this life. Join me in Michael E. Gerber's Dreaming Room where you will approach your business, and your life, with a "blank piece of paper and beginner's mind".