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A Message to our Clients and our Business: What Makes Us Happy? by Harvard Psychologist Dan Gilbert. Taken from his talk at the TED Conference.
MoLAA - the Museum of Latin American Art, located in 628 Alamitos Avenue in Long Beach, CA has recently finished the first phase of its renovation.  According to Robert Gumbiner, its Chairman and Founding Member, the museum was founded in 2001 because there is a need for a museum for contemporary...
Long Beach is one of the few places that has a doggie park on the beach!!  Want to have an idea how much frolicky fun your pet Fido can have unleashed at the beach!  Check out this video and see.  No dog fights, no - - - sniffing, just dogs having fun romping around in the sun on the beach in the...
What makes our city beautiful are its people!!!  We do care about our city.  We care about our beaches.  Check this out !! Live and Play in Long Beach !! Help us keep our beaches clean!!
In this photo montage contributed to YouTube recently, you will see how Long Beach has improved through the years.  Right now, Long Beach is still making improvements.  Some areas of Long Beach such as downtown have been greatly improved. Living and Playing in Long Beach is more a reality than ev...
A sample of the young talent that is around us, and never ceases to amaze us.  If you love nature, you'll love this concept.  If you love dance, you will be totally mesmerized! Sil van der Woerd is a very talented and artistic 25-year old man who majored in Fine Arts, worked in Hollywood as an ar...
Today the Feds issued this statement: "The tightening of credit conditions has the potential to intensify the housing correction and to restrain economic growth more generally."  Recent fears about the troubled housing market and credit problems obviously affected the recent Fed meetings.    The ...
.   Come Fall 2008, Lakewood's Shopping Mall will introduce its newest anchor store.  With 159,000-square-feet and a gas station, this Costco will be the first in Southern California attached to a shopping mall.  The existing space has been vacant since the 2005 merger of Robinsons -May and Macy'...
 Orange County Register reported on August 31st that Cal State Long Beach will buy five acres now occupied by Brooks College and turn the site into desperately needed student housing. Long Beach State is the second largest campus in the California State University system and is the third largest ...
August 29, 2007Long Beach, CA Real Estate -  Market Update for July 2007Here are the latest real estate market statistics for Long Beach, CA area. These numbers represent single family home (SFR) sales only. Percentage of homes on the market with the asking price had been reduced: 43.7%*AverageJu...
For the last four years, artists of all ages and experience, converge in the Belmont Shores area of Long Beach, California to showcase their creativity by participating in Justin Rudd's Sidewalk Chalk Art Contest.  With great enthusiasm, many of these artists come with ideas all sketched out.  Th...

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