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My tales about being a Long Beach notary.
  Being a newbie isn't always fun. Especially when you spend the better part of 5 hours writing, reading, editing, and re-editing the perfect blog. Once you have gotten it written you proceed to the next step of inserting pictures and creating links.Now when it came to creating links I thought I...
 When I first heard about blogging I did not really see any benefit to my business. I also figured what could I possible write about that would be of interest to others. But soon I was writing my first blog. My initial thought was, Well, that's the end of my creative juices. I have nothing else t...
Many people speak of the importance of being professional in the business world but unfortunately, this subject is talked about more than practiced. Dictionary definitions speak of a professional as an individual that is an expert in his or her field but when it comes to the business world actin...
(I love alliteration! I feel like Dr. Seuss)I was totally enjoyed my extended weekend.  That extra day of relaxation was a long time coming.Most of the time we have so much going on in our lives it seems we can never get a breather.  Then there's added pressure if you're self-employed.  There's n...
Purchasing property is a numerous step process that requires many hands until the loan is complete. One of the final steps prior to funding is to have some of the loan documents notarized. This requires a Notary Public. Not just any notary, but a notary that is a Certified Loan Signing agent is p...
I'm a newbie to Active Rain but I must say that posting my profile almost immediately boosted my Google ranking. Woo hoo!So I'm reviewing my stats for my profile and I'm confused. What's the difference views and clicks? LaShon James-Major, The Document Diva, a professional mobile notary & loan si...
Okay, you've got a web page but now you need a web presence. Free profile listings are available at the links below. And the great thing is that all of these pages let you post your web address.Getvendors - http://www.getvendors.com/Insider Pages - http://www.insiderpages.com/Local - http://adver...
http://www.justsell.com/"Perseverance is the secret of success. Procrastination is the secret of failure."Milton Levine (1913 - )invented Uncle Milton's Ant Farm,more than 26 million sold in 50 years"Anything in life worth having isworth working for."Andrew Carnegie (1835-1919)Scottish industrial...
A professional athlete would never reach greatness without their coach helping them along the way. The coach teaches him/her the skills, rules and tactics involved in their particular sport.  Practice sessions may consist of on-court demonstration and walkthroughs to learn plays and strategies.  ...
Congratulations! You've become independent.  You've said goodbye to "The Man" (otherwise known as Corporate America) by opening your own loan signing business.  Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned veteran, in order for your notary business to ultimately succeed you have to find your passion.  N...

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