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On the 4th of July in the Twelve Stones community Patriotism is shown.  This photo overlooks the 13th fairway of Twelve Stones Crossing..... a delightful view in the daytime, of course!  But, from this same vantage point fireworks at Goodlettsville's Moss-Wright park are clearly seen!  From othe...
I just got an e-mail from our local Realtor Association with comparative stats for Sumner County Sales 2006 vs. 2007.  The interesting thing here is that the number of recent closes are down just a little --- but the inventory is up about 25% in October 2007.  I'm looking at only one county in th...
While meandering around the internet I've discovered this thing called AdSense offered up by Google.  It's not necessarily a way to increase my exposure as much as an oppurtinity for some passive income.  I'd like to hear from some of the more experienced 'Rainers about how they have taken advant...
I've been MEME'd by Jeff Belonger.  Here is a copy of my post to that group:Five things:1) This is Peanut, a 3.5 lb Chihuahua and my office mate.  Best one I've ever had.  The only annoying habit is she occasionally walks across my laptop to get my attention.2) I love to make quilts and take suns...
We live on a golf course in the Mid-South. It's a close knit neighborhood and we look out for each other. One fine morning, I inadvertently left the gate open and Maggie & Mimi, our basset hound pair, made a mad dash for freedom. What ensued was a bit cartoon-like. But they made it home safely af...
Suddenly I have many new friends!!  Thanks for responding to my "whine" and the positive encouragement!  We all need that in this day and age. I find I am now loving the Internet and Active Rain -- what a fabulous resource!  I'm signing on almost every day to see what's going on in our world.
Blog?  What's a Blog? Today I am working on my real estate web site and  realtor "web presence" .... and it's like navigating a boat down an a dark alley without a rudder!  What am I doing; what should I be doing?  It's a time consuming mystery.  But, I'll keep you posted as I meander down this a...

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