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In Sioux City IA we on average get 30" of snow fall.  As of the 5th of Feb we are now over 50" of snow with more on the way.  How does that effect the real estate market in Sioux City?  Yes it does slow everything down, but the big hit to the Sioux City Real estate market is the announcement of t...
Many will say that now is not the time of year to try and sell your home.  As we all know the weather, in Sioux City, in the middle of winter, can be suspect at best.  The fact is as I set here writing this the Sioux City and surrounding areas are due for another major snow storm (only time will ...
If you are a first time home buyer and thought you were to late to get in on the $8,000 free money, the close date has been extended by 5 months.  Also this has been expanded to cover many current home owners.   However for current home owners the ceiling is $6,500. Now as with any government pro...
If you are a first time buyerand if you ever thought about buying a home, time may be running out.  For thoughs that qualify for the $8,000 stimulas $$$ the purchase  must be completed by Nov 30th 2009.  Not sure if you qualify?  Not sure if the house you like will qualify? Not sure you know what...
 I just read an article about Home lending fraud.  In this article it stated that home loan fraud has increased by more than 30% in the past few years.  One might ask: Who is at fault?  It appears to me that many times the blame can fall on several different shoulders.  There are a couple of old ...
I always find it interesting how some Sellers and especially Buyers try to reflect national home sales trends to there advantage.  Example, at an Open House the other day as a couple walked through , comments were made abut how overpriced the home was.  Not saying anything and just listening anot...
Yes the spring market is in full swing in the sioux City tri-state area.  Unfortunatly we need more homes to sell.  Are you a home owner in the Sioux City area? Have you though about a move up?  Now may be the best time ever to make that move. Give me a call!!  We need to talk!!
Unfortunatly in the Sioux City Iowa area we many times get caught up in the national news to much that keep hammering away about how bad the housing market is.  The fact is here in the Siouxland area the market is not that bad.  Some would say that we maybe heading toward a Sellers market, based ...
What is this really?  Are you confused? How does it work?  The simple truth is - that if you are a qualified first time home buyer and you CLOSE on the purchase of a qualified home before Nov 30 2009 you can receive up to $8,000.00 from the federal government. Now you should be asking the questio...
Buyers Market? Sellers Market?  In all real estate transactions what is the one item they all center around?  PRICE!  Does the type of market that any home may be in matter (Buyer, Seller, Up, Down)?  NO!  What it all comes down to is the finial negotiated PRICE! Lets be honest on who establishes...

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