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I truly am looking forward to 2010, if for no other reason then to have gotten through 2009. I do feel that things will be better for all of us in the real estate industry. It is so consistent that from November through December and right through the first 3 weeks of January business is slows dow...
The changes in the world of real estate appraising today is amazing. I don't know if you've noticed but the AMC (appraisal management companies) along with FHA have no interest in just a residential appraiser any longer. it's either certified or nothing. What this means in my service areas of Mas...
I'm a strong believer in online marketing for my real estate appraisal business. I have been very active on creating an online presence and believe me it does pay off.  Lets face it, the only way to be seen online is either pay for it or have a high ranking with search engines. I believe in both ...
A lot of people out there are waiting to buy.  They want to see if prices or interest rates will go lower and they might, I've been told that some rates have dropped below 4%. Will they go lower, possibly. Lets look at why you might want to buy a home. Fore some it's there first, others might wan...
I just received notice today that alamode is offering a promotion to anyone who formally had Day One, like myself. As you may or may not know DayOne had it's assets sold off by Zaio (It's parent company) when they went Bankrupt. A pretty sad situation. DayOne was a successful software company for...
You know how an appraiser can tell when the interest rates go down, A serge of business that's how. For months banks would not lower their rates because they are afraid to lend. Even though part of the reason for the Government bailout was so lender's would start to lend again, it just didn't hap...
What's the first thing a company cuts back on when tough times hit. That's right, marketing and advertising. Anyone in business should know that marketing and advertising is one of the most important tools in any market. I know that budgets are tight all over, I am no exception as you can imagine...
Day One is a software company many appraiser's have used for the past 20 years. A company called Zaio bought them several months ago and Zaio has gone bankrupt taking Day One with them. Zaio is a company that was attempting to create the world most advanced AVM with the help of appraisers. AVM's ...

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