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    Here is an overview of some benefits of the Economic Stimulus Plan for 2009 and the Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan that may impact you. Stimulus Plan - Tax Credit for Homebuyers The $787 Billion stimulus bill is made up of tax cuts and spending programs aimed at reviving the US ec...
I've heard it time and time again - my house appraised for $x, so that's what I am going to list it for.  While it's great to know the approximate value of your home before listing it for sale - many sellers are misled (albeit unintentionally) by appraisals.  Many times, the "appraisal value" a s...
With all the changes in the mortgage industry in the past year, buyers have found it increasingly difficult to find the assistance they need to purchase a new home.  In previous years, there have been several ways for buyers to buy with no money down - 100% loans being the #1 choice.  But even wi...
You have probably heard over and over "It's a buyer's market out there."  But, in hearing that, many are left wondering what does that really mean, and how will it affect me if I want to sell my home? WHAT IS A BUYER'S MARKET? Put simply, the term "a buyer's market" means that right now, that's w...
 For more than a year, the media has reported down real estate markets, rising foreclosure rates, decreases in home values, and crisis in the lending world.  Because of this - many would-be buyers are left sitting on the fence - counting all the things that could "go wrong" if they make the move ...

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