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If you're interested in supporting seller involved Down Payment Assistance programs, please visit this website and take action.   Consider that: •       most DPA transactions involve First Time Home Buyers •       First Time Home Buyers are the beginning of the "food chain" in the residential Rea...
FYI:  Last night the House and Senate reached agreement on a massive housing bill that affects FHA, Fannie and Freddie, tax policy and many changes involving the housing market. The housing and mortgage crisis has caused Congress to combine these provisions into a bill exceeding 400 pages. The Ho...
Are Politics and Gas Prices Affecting Real Estate Sales?   In a word...   ABSOLUTELY!   When people are uncomfortable, nervous, scared, uncertain...the thing they do best is...     NOTHING!   Which makes a slow economy even slower. I just read the headline on Market Watch:   “Unsold Houses On U.S...
The Inspirational Story of Dr. Theodore Stoddard and the Influence of His Teacher, Mrs. Thompson A short inspirational movie called the Teddy Stallard Story it has now been viewed over six million times throughout the world! I'm not sure if the story is fiction or non fiction. It really doesn't ...
Attention: Realtors and Home Owners: The Real Estate Market is NOT as Bad as Advertised! I read some sobering statistics recently that you might want to share with your clients. You know how statistics are. I once read a study that said that 51.4% of statistics were made up :)! That said, I recen...
Washington Mutual Closes Loan Centers Some of you may have heard recently that Washington Mutual was exiting the wholesale lending business. According to the Wall Street Journal today, the rumors have been confirmed. Washington Mutual is reportedly closing all 186 of its stand-alone home loan cen...
Subscribe to YOU Magazine and other timely market alerts from Larry Penilla.    Larry PenillaSenior Loan OfficerFirst Mortgage CorporationPhone: 219-865-0505/800-487-3707 x305Fax: 219-864-1481Larry@LarryPenilla.comwww.LarryPenilla.comApril 2008March 2008February 2008January 2008December 2007Novem...
 Quitting is Not the AnswerI’ve read several AR posts from Realtors, Lenders, Appraisers, Home Inspectors, and others in our industry about quitting. Many thousands already have. For those of us that survive this market/business cycle, that’s not bad news. Hopefully, only the best will survive an...
Attention: Parents Protect Your Children - Know Your Neighbors   This site was developed by John Walsh from Americas Most Wanted. You may want to see how close these people live to your home or school and spread the word. Some may even want to show their children these pictures.  When you visit t...

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