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I am always trying to come up with cool things for us to do on the weekend. Today, we decided  to go to the "Spray Ground in Gonzales, LA". When we pulled up, the park was packed with kids of all ages. Everyone had the same idea but it was definitely a cool idea. There were actually two parks wit...
How can consumers know you exist if they have no idea you exist? Pretty deep, eh? You don't have to tap dance in pink tights to get the attention of prospects; all it takes is dedication, hard work and a DSL connection. There are a sleuth of online sites that offer exposure and publicity...take ...
Skating is more than just an art form; it’s a culture consisting of nearly 18.5 million skaters. The skateboarding community has evolved over the past decade which has allowed skating to become more mainstream and acceptable. This is a huge leap from the 80’s when the recreational sport was more ...
The first thing I do when I jump into my car is buckle my seat belt. After I fight to back out of my crazy driveway, I turn up the radio and proceed to jam out. I’m pretty good at station surfing and can almost guarantee that before the day is over, I am going to hear the “Click it or Ticket” com...
We spent some time at the park today since the weather was so beautiful. Afterwards, it was "that" time and by "that" time, I mean 'grocery time'. Most of the time, I purchase my groceries from Valet Grocery in Baton Rouge but I was craving something special so I just followed my taste buds. We w...
I always enjoy Wednesday's, not just because it's hump day...but because it's (what I like to call) "Picture Day". I like seeing every one's "Wordless Wednesday" post which usually ends up being an "Almost Wordless Wednesday"...kind of like this one. Tonight, I was making my way to a friends hous...
In a world where ‘funny ha ha’ is taken for granted, …in a place where humor is overlooked…stands a little pee wee…on a mission to create universal laughter. Some consider him to be a loner…a rebel. As he walks the earth by foot…for miles and miles…uphill…in the snow…with a monkey on his back and...
After tonight, I will be using my super powers to create a nifty gadget that allows time to stand still. I am convinced that I have been robbed of numerous minutes and seconds as I do not recall my son growing at such a fast pace. Tonight was “the” night and while it seemed to be a hit, I must ad...
Prenatal Classes in Baton Rouge Nothing can totally prepare you for motherhood but getting involved by taking local classes can definitely take the edge off. It’s natural for expecting mothers to be somewhat nervous about being a first time mommy so absorbing quality education can easily calm fea...
I remember the first maternity outfit I purchased. I was actually visiting my grandparents in Leesville, Louisiana. I can remember thinking, “This is it”. I could not go another second in my ‘every day’ jeans with the evolving pouch. I was not familiar with the Leesville area so I ended up at the...

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