Where is Payson, AZ, and why should I buy a house there?

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All good things must end SOMETIME; and so the days are numbered for the Payson, AZ Farmers Market for 2011. This has been our third season, and it is bigger and better than ever. Not familiar with Payson? Payson is a nice little town, about an hour's drive North of the Phoenix area. It is 5,000 ...
"When I die, just bury me in the woods, so my husband will hunt for me." My husband (my business partner, and our Designated Broker) goes for a yearly hunting trip. I've posted other blog entries in the past about these trips. Often, it seems, disasters happen when he leaves town. I have had him ...
                       Payson schools start much earlier than many. Our schools actually started at the end of July, and are now in full swing. Since we deal with rentals, we see families moving to town who are surprised to find out the schools have started. Here is a link to the Payson School C...
Where in the heck is Payson, AZ you might ask? Half the people in Arizona don't know where Payson is, even though its only about an hour's drive North of Phoenix. We're one of Arizona's best kept secrets- a small town in a great location. Payson is also about 5,000 ft UP in elevation from Phoeni...
  I never saw a lot of point in Twitter until I found what a great gardening community there is there. I love to garden, but I don't have active contact with very many people in my area who also garden. Twitter connects me with gardeners all over the country, lets me share photos and advice and l...
This is the third season for the Payson (AZ) Farmers Market, and it looks to be bigger and better than ever. Look for it in the same location as last year- Sawmill Crossing shopping center, at the South end of Payson, behind Chili's restaurant, 8am till noon, this Saturday (May 28th, 2011) thru ...
I'm not the only one who is fascinated by these codes. I really love the flexibility of them- you can code pretty much ANYTHING into them. Plug your website- insult your friends- offer a coupon- criticize politicians- proposition your honey...you name it and you can do it. I've been following pos...
We live in a very small town. Don't get me wrong, we LOVE it here. Payson, AZ is about an hour's drive from the NE part of the Phoenix metro area. We can drive down anytime we need/want to, do shopping or business or what-have-you, and easily be back home that day. We are at 5,000 ft elevation, s...
           I've started to cringe when I hear "Jesus is the reason for the season". As a Christian, I don't figure Jesus IS the reason for all the crass commercialism, overspending, overeating and drinking, and all the other over-indulgences that too often make up the holiday season. In my town,...
Did you watch the lunar eclipse last night? Our skies were off-and-on cloudy, so I tried to watch on the internet, but so many people also tried that, that I couldn't get the site. Oh, well. The lunar eclipse was the first on the Winter solstice, so I read, since the 1600s!  I took this picture o...

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