Where is Payson, AZ, and why should I buy a house there?

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We get many calls and emails every week from Owners of homes in the Payson area. We find ourselves answering the same questions many times. Here are a few which I answered several times this week: Can you rent my furnished home? No. We don't handle furnished rentals. Why, you ask?1) It would invo...
Yes, it's Christmas time! It has suddenly gotten cold in Payson, and it feels more like Christmas. "Magic on the Mountain" is the phrase the town uses for Christmas celebrations- we are 5,000 ft elevation, so we are "up the mountain" from the Arizona deserts. Come join the fun! Today (Saturday, ...
I heard a quote the other day which I really like: "The harder I work, the luckier I am". Wow! I like that. I'm a firm believer that focusing your intent and your actions toward a goal helps you reach that goal. I think we create our "luck" far more than most of us WANT to believe. It's easier to...
Since we manage many rentals, we find that this comes up all the time. What constitutes "proper notice"? People have gotten the idea of 30 DAYS. They figure that if they give 30 days, they are OK. But in Arizona, that is NOT the law. If you rent, if you manage rentals, if you are dealing with any...
I LOVE Holiday events! This one is a handmade crafts show. The Community Presbyterian Church sponsors it every year. This year it will be held at the Julia Randall Elementary School Gym, 8am to 2pm, Saturday the 14th. There are all kinds of handmade items, everything  from the church ladies with ...
We've been in real estate in Payson for near 20 years, and we get a lot of people who call us for information. We don't mind, we feel part of our job is educating people.We DO get a lot of repeat questions, which we answer over and over again. I got a rare one the other day, however. A woman call...
  UPDATE- now leased! 612 Gila Lane 3 bedroom, 2 bath, large double-widemanufactured home in nice neighborhood(Payson North subdivision). This home is now reduced to $750 per month! Call us to see!     We manage many rentals in the Payson area, and there are some real bargains available right no...
  Payson (AZ) was predicted to get its first snow last night or today. I LOVE SNOW, AND I CAN'T WAIT! It rained a little last night at our house, but when we woke up- clear blue sky with not a cloud in sight! Now it's clouding up again, and the weather report still says chance of snow. We'll see...
This picture doesn't quite do the aspens justice. They were glowing! Aspens are THE symbol of Fall for a lot of our area. But they are dying off, and no one seems to agree on why. Here's a link to one article about the die-off. I hope someone can solve the problem. It would be a much duller Fall...
This is my update to this article I posted originally about a year and a half ago. The sales market has not improved, in Payson. In today's real estate market many Owners are finding that they either can't sell, or might have to sell at a very deep discount to find a buyer. Many are, therefore, t...

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