Should I Buy Now?

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Things to consider about purchasing a home now.
In 2009 we saw several real estate companies in our Northwest Arkansas area either close or consolidate with other companies in an effort to survive. While this was happening with the other companies, Exit Pro Realty in Rogers, Arkansas just completed the first full year of being in business. In ...
Not much really. Just be patient, persistent and be prepared for the unexpected. Know the state guidelines and requirements. The pitfalls would be the lack of follow up. If you stay on task and keep good notes it will eventually happen. Also be prepared for the reaction in the real estate communi...
Thinking of putting together a team of realtors. Teams can be profitable, but are always work. Keep the following points in mind when considering a team. 1. Choose the team members carefully. You cannot afford to have an open door policy. You are looking for mature, responsible and self-starting ...
When do I list and what do I have to do before listing. I often have clients indicate they wish to wait on listing their property until they have it ready.The following questions will help determine when to list and what do I have to do:What is the urgency of your selling your property? Urgent, n...

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The question most people in the market for a new home are asking, “should I buy now?” Let's consider the current interest rate. It is still about as low as any time in history. According to the latest news articles, the Fed's are planning on raising the rates to other national financial issue. How about the current house pricing? It is still considered a buyers market. There are still a lot of good deals available. The $8,000 tax credit is a consideration if you can acquire a home that can close before November 30, 2009. Beyond that, find the home of your choice and make the best deal possible. So should I buy now? Ultimately it is the buyers choice. There may be other criteria that effects whether or not it is a good time for you to purchase a new home. If you are looking at the current condition, interest rates and the prices for homes that are available, then yes, it may be a great time to purchase a new home. For more information, please give me a call. My name is Larry Robison, Executive Broker for one of the most successful real estate companies in Northwest Arkansas.