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Refinancing your mortgage loan can be a big decision for consumers.  These days it's not just about getting a lower interest rate on your mortgage, there are many reasons to refinance.Of course, the biggest reason:  Lower your interest rate.  This is one of the main reasons people refinance thei...
FHA Loans in Tampa, Florida and throughout the US are going to become even more useful now as the President has finally signed the Economic Stimulus Bill which increases the FHA loan limits by county. (To determine your maximum loan limit, please use the following link to HUD.)What does this mea...
Mortgage Rates Dropping...What's the lowest rate? This topic is a conversation I am having at least 5 times a day from Michigan to Florida.  So, I figured let's get the information all out on the blog and via the e-zine and we'll all be on the same page!The conversation goes like this....you ask...
Tampa Florida is home to many luxury homes.  In addition, it is common for buyers to take out a mortgage for the purchase of their luxury homes.  For many of these buyers, it is necessary to have a jumbo or super jumbo mortgage.The question has been raised before of when it is necessary to have m...
A Tampa VA buyer in Clearwater recently worked with me in getting his VA approval for a home loan purchase in Clearwater, Florida.  When he came to me, he was a bit concerned about qualifying for the VA mortgage because of his debt-to-income ratio.  What this means is his total monthly debt compa...
Troubled credit history, lack of income, no down payment...all reasons this Tampa lender has to flex my muscles.  Oh yes, as this title states, I am dusting off my gloves and taken' em to the gun show!In today's market, as a loan officer, I have to fight even harder for my customers.  Recently, I...
Everyday I am surrounded with the issues of the current mortgage industry.  From customers wanting explanations to Realtors wondering how this will affect their business.  I took a moment this morning to explain my feelings on what is currently happening in the industry. Please take a moment and ...
In my South Tampa home, we have a new rule...no passing gas!  The man of the house isn't too happy about it, but it is a must.  He says..."it doesn't smell"...but that's the silent but deadly part.  There is no smell.  Guess what...It's carbon dioxide gas and I don't want it around me or ruining...
For luxury buyers in South Tampaand throughout Hillsborough County, there is a bigger hurdle for financing the dream home...the Jumbo Mortgage.If you are not familiar with the term, "Jumbo Mortgage", it is a type of mortgage for individuals looking for a loan over the conforming loan limit.  The ...
Being behind on mortgage payments can provide a huge hurdle for borrowers looking to refinance into a more affordable interest rate.  HUD recently announced a new refinance program available through FHA called "FHASecure".  The refinance program is for borrower who are feeling the effects of a su...

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