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When I take an application from a new home buyer, I always ask..."What is your comfort payment, what payment range are you trying to target?"  I think it's a bit suspicious when first time home buyers give a payment that is unrealistic with the price range.  Now, I have to say that when I think "...
With the recent happenings in the mortgage industry and the tighter lending requirements in our industry, the big question is...Now What?  "If I can't qualify for a mortgage, what do I do?" Well, first of all, it doesn't mean you are a horrible person or that you can never own a home, it just mea...
I'm curious...I am sure that in your business, like mine, the changes in the mortgage industry create a variety of different hurdles to overcome.  I have heard comments ranging from the guideline changes to the actual mortgage lenders and brokers dealing with customers.  I have a lot to say and w...
FHA, VA mortgage in Tampa, or even in South Tampa...is this an option?  Yes!  In fact, it is a solution.  As a direct lender, we are fortunate to have the capabilities to write government loans.  Now, I have to sidebar and give you a bit of background about me to paint a picture here.  I started ...
Whether I am deal with customers here in Tampa, Florida or in Michigan, I am being asked this question on a regular basis..."What is going on with the subprime mortgage market?" First, what is a subprime mortgage?  For anyone who hasn't been in business for the past couple years, it was a great t...

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