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( Yep I'm Still Here! and now have been told that in a few days I will make cancer survival history. It appears that such an event might pose a national security problem for our charismatic president. I had a pseudo seizure in a food warehouse a few days ago as a matter of ...
Zing went the one ton ball of string of Obama's heart. Now you take all these American poor people and they will continue to love the guy I guess. Only watched him once and he did good unless you speak from villages being bombed by the US miitary. Yep the US dollar and bonds are crashing while th...
( A flock of flying pigs an impossible feat and yet swine flu. US national security knows who the terrorist are and why they did it. bong
(my account just posted on It now becomes necessary particularly American flag merchant shipping to form convoys with escorts. This strategy was used during world wars.(end of post) Somali pirates have access to shipping containers and will serve well as wmd surrogates. There is...
Do not try this at home! March 23, 2009 - we have been waiting for the white house next move. One wizard leaves with the expectation of Dorothy falling back to Kansas reality, but instead we have a new wizard or should I say a previous wizard. The now current wizard captains a "ship of fools" (fe...
(made up story written by now bankrupt newspaper) Bernnie Madoff aided by Israeli mercenaries escapes detention; lands in Israel free from extradition. Not putting him in maximum security is much like the SEC turning a blind eye on his Ponzi scheme. The Israeli American Navy spies demonstrates we...
Those who are losing an argument tend to speak louder. There is only so much new one can bitch about in 2009 that is apart from the glorious Bush years and frankly all we hear is the final buzzer sound in a championship basketball game. That would be noise, reverberating noise, and more noise, mo...
The current stock market rally today is based on talk that an economic recovery will begin in the last half of 2009 or the beginning of 2010. There is also the opinion that government leaders should talk up optimism to restore consumer confidence. Actually what will probably occur is a further dr...
The Federal Reserve oversees most US banks and has been in the fore in bailing out insolvent banks. In essence, the Federal Reserve has been the "Bad Bank" by accepting toxic bank assets. So when president Obama indicates that he will set up a "bad bank" that indicates a Federal Reserve "NO MAS" ...
Those that would be in the know say that there is no end in sight. That means any rise in the current market is a con job. An example of in the know would be packaging companies because they would a first call economic upturn. Well a major cardboard company just went bankrupt. That even shocked m...

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