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In our last episode, US Treasuries who just about everybody claims them to be a "Safe Haven" have just been wiped out by the funny money monopoly machine. Yeah going to Disneyland will only keep you distracted until you return to the Walleyworld parking lot. I think the the media is on to somethi...
We have been in a depression for awhile now at least since they official announced we were in a recession. They used the recession annoucement sort of like the carpet covering the truth. This takes us again to the common stock of the United States Of Amerca, the US DOLLAR. We are now in a situati...
I was 6 then; ah yes I remember it well. Everybody hated Truman. At 7 I collected 14,000 popsicle wrappers and won a Gilbert chemistry set. Have any idea what it's like to count 14,000 wrappers and ants. Well here it is and i'm 6eig and it's 1947 all over again...yeah and you know what? those nip...
By now all Activerain members have sought the safety of US Treasuries. Should the dollar test fail which it probably will, your "safe haven" treasuries will no longer be safe and probably will no longer be. We have been led to understand that the Secretary Of The Treasury was appointed to some ty...
183 Your mission should you accept it is to find out why "183" may affect your life forever. Congress is currently doing a kabuki around it /8ig 3 and will act accordingly if a retest of the 1982 stock market low of 776 becomes activated.
I am shocked that most people believe that any number below the current Dow is irrelevent. It just can't go any lower because we want to believe that and the media stands up talking heads to say "the bottom is in"...BREAKING NEWS...Obama finds whitehouse dog. Secret photo has been revealed on 6se...
President Elect Obama has already told you that he plans a United States default. Joe the plumber has already told you that Obama will declare a US default. "Capitalism is dead, long live capitalism. Actually a US default is absolutely necessary before "A Spring" is to begin again. During the ele...
This may be our last blog since we have taken you step by step on what to expect for the economy and your futurescope. Much of what we have said has already transpired and we are told that the final chapter will happen by 2011. Goodbye
Only heavy trading volume will confirm a stock market move. That did not happen with the 936 point rise on Monday. It certainly made a nice billboard and perhaps it will meld the society into a positive participation, but society usually becomes bullish in the later stage of any market move. So t...
Central banks in the past have lent out their gold for a very small percent return to the bullion bankers in the gold market. These bullion banks borrow the gold then sell it into the market and then taking the proceeds to invest in higher return investments. As of a few days ago, central banks h...

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