Selling a home can put stress to a family. Think moving, packing, cleaning, and opening your house to a pack of strangers. Schedules and daily routing get interrupted. Diving head on without reading tips and tricks can even cause more stress, not knowing what to expect. So, the experienced real e...
As real estate continues to be the most appealing investment category in Atlanta, more agents and brokers are using real estate coaching to boost their productivity and gain access to their higher potential. In Georgia, Luther RagsdaleĀ is a recognized real estate coach, with years of experience b...
For many people there comes a time in life when you have to evaluate your achievements and get ready for the next level. As an industry, real estate is fiercely competitive, and making a career out of it can be rather demanding and time-consuming. Achieving success, in the long run, depends on ma...
Coaches fulfill mentorship and oversee roles for a variety of niche careers and not just sports. When it comes to paying for a coach in the professional sphere, people are often skeptical, wondering if a coach can deliver on the promises that he or she makes. One place in the working world where ...
Over the years Luther Ragsdale has put together field tested and proven systems in real estate sales, marketing, client acquisition, lead generating, branding, open house systems, for sale by owner systems, negotiating systems and much more. With the help of coaching sessions, you can learn new w...

Luther Ragsdale

Luther Ragsdale is a dedicated real estate coach
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